Pre-amp suggestions for MC 402 amp

Setting up a system and looking for suggestions for pre-amp to mate with a 402. Budget ~$5K. New, possibly used. Listen to blues, classic rock, Dead, jazz. Current speakers are polk lsi line, but was thinking possibly moving to vandersteens (Quatro?) in the future. New speakers may come later though, to give my apt. neighbors a break. Want something that will be with me for a while. Based on other forum questions, the following seem to be well regarded and within budget: c2200 (new), calypso (new), Bat 51SE (used), Audio Research ref 2 mk2 (used). I've demo'd the calypso and audio research ref 3 with vandersteens and liked the overall presentation (with quicksilver / AR amps). Must have home theater bypass capabilities. Don't use phono now, so that's not necessarily a requirement. Mainly CDs (new player next purchase). Any suggestions / comments appreciated. Thanks
I would tell you the get the C2200....but then again, I'm biased!!!
Keep it Mc and you will get magic. The C2200 would be my clear choice.

Others, would maybe the the Mac C-45, or C-46. mark
I would also say to stick with McIntosh. If you want to stay with SS, I would recommend the C46.
The McIntosh C2200 relies on vacuum tubes for all signal amplification, with spectacular results with the MC402 Power Amp. This is a great sounding combination. In my opinion, this is the pre-amp you should consider for your MC402. Please also look at McIntosh MCD201 CD player. cheers...
The C2200 and you'll be set. What a sweet combo you will have. Happy listening.

So, the consensus would be McIntosh? :-)
Apparently so! This wouldn't have happend on the 'Gon a couple years ago but I guess times do change afterall.

Thanks folks for the comments. I've listened to the 2200 and it sounded great. As for SS, would the 46 have home theater bypass capabilities and what would the differences be b/w these 2 (sonic & features)? I'd also like to A/B Mac to at least 1 other to be sure. Any suggestions on a non-Mac pre I should compare with from above or other?

Hgeifman, thanks for the CD player recommendation as that's my next step. I did want to have "HDCD" capability in the player b/c I have many CDs with this coding (or maybe it doesn't matter)? So I'm open to suggestions here and was thinking Naim possibly Cary, or even non HDCD like Ayre or even the 201.
Might want to try deHavilland's preamps if you can.I think there is a 30 day trial.