Pre-amp selection: Ayre Vs ARC

I've been researching over and over and thought I can find the answer without asking the question, but I can't. So here it is:

To match an Ayre V1x, will I be better off with staying to K1x or will i have a synergistic combo with ARC LS25 MkII. Both were praised for their speed, and imaging, soundstage, etc.

I recently upgraded from an ARC LS-2 and ARC PH-3 to the Ayre K-1X preamp, with the phono stage. I have no doubts that it was a definite improvement, especially in the phono stage. The lowered noise floor of the Arye over both ARC units was amazing.

While you are contemplating upgrading to a better ARC of course, however, a couple of things to consider are:

One, the Ayre, being SS, means you will not have to worry about buying, or matching or rolling tubes.

Two, if you are considering going with analog (or if you already do), than the phono stage of the Ayre is really top notch, better than the ARC PH-3, with a much lower noise floor.

I use a Levinson No. 23 amp (also SS, same as the V1X), and I really like the combination. I doubt I will be upgrading anytime in the near future. (The last time I said that, it took me 10-15 years to start upgrading again, so as you can tell, I am very satisfied with my amplification portion of my stereo system.)

Good Luck!
I went through the same comparison and found the Ayre to be better at everything for real. I have no bias and like ARC equipment but I believe the two are not in the same league at all-no contest. I know it's nice to not have matching equipment but in this case you will regret going with the ARC I promice.
So far so good.
Now Just what if I compare the K-1x with the ARCRef 2? Will they be in the same league? (For Manhadave)

As for Kurt, I thought > pre-amp tube are more or less troublr free bacause of low current and voltage.. so no biasing, tubes will last 5-6 years (possibly longer than I would keep it), etc.