Pre amp replacement?? Help

too am am a newbie. I currently have a Denon Dp47f/Grado MF3.. hardly use, needs new stylus or upgrade to a MC cartridge. I have a MK Cotter MK1 step up that I’ve never used. I was going to get into but never did.

my pre/pro is actually a SoNy 9000es. Used it for years, but I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade ?

my speakers are Mirage 760’s and a pair of old pioneer HPM-100

my amp is a Carver 806x multichannel amp thats bridgeable/ I have it bridged two channel 360wpc I believe.

I need help
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The Sony is 15 years old.  DACs have come a long way.  If you use this for theater, you really need 3 matching front speakers.  The Mirage or HPM can be saved for rears.  Your Carver could work fine depending on the speakers.  Also many pre-pro's won't have phono built in.
1-what is your budget
2-what will you use most theater or 2 channel?
Morning, thanks for your response. I’ve given up the home theater stuff. I use everything for music listening only. The pro/pro is bypassed for two channels audio. It has a phone stage, but I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade to a better one or use my MC step up with a new cart Everything sounds good. But maybe it’s time to upgrade some stuff. HPM are stored away. I just use the Mirages. Budget? Hmmm ... 500-1000k
If you aren't using it for theater there is a lot wasted in the pre-pro.  A dedicated 2 channel pre would be an improvement.  I'm guessing that since your table isn't really working that you either use radio or digital?  If you need a tuner then look at a nice receiver with pre-amp outputs for future upgrades?  If you use a digital source then a pre-amp with a nice dac would do wonders.  A peachtree or similar would be nice and clean.  That's your first $500 (less what you sell the sony for).
Next would be a cartridge.  You don't need to spend a fortune.  Lot's of choices in the range of a Shure m97 that will get vinyl going.  Check out needle doctor.  
That's where I'd start, I think
Thanks for the response. I’ve gotten plenty of wonderful years from the Sony, but you’re right, I’m not using it for all it’s capabilities now. I just ordered a new stylus for my Grado MF 3. I may sell my MK Cotter as well. That should give me a nice budget. I do digital and hi res audio music. A nice pre amp .. yes
Just image the compromises when building a $1000 pre-pro.  Now take that same budget to build a pure preamp.  I'm not knocking Sony ES.  They are nice.  You will be better served with a 2 channel system.
Agreed ! If I budgeted for 2k what are my good choices?
The Sony does a a direct 2 channel bypass however 
$2k is probably overkill when looking at the rest of your system.  I'm not trying to "knock" what you have, just keeping things balanced.
You can get a heck of a lot of preamp for $1000 to $1500.  Make sure it has a phono pre built in.  Other things you need to consider are remote control and digital inputs.
Although old school, the Pioneers are legendary.  I think that if you split the budget between a pre and a power amp you might get more bang for your budget.  If you are not using the Carver for multi channel, sell it and add that to your budget.  I'm not sure on the sound of the Mirage.
FYI:  I'm not a fan of Carver, sorry but that does sway my opinion.  I would prefer 36 tube watts over 360 bridged Carver watts.
I would say look for a preamp without phono. If you get serious about using your TT, there are plenty of good lower cost phono preamps. Again just my opinion based on your budget. 

Thanks to all.
The first thing I’ll sell is my MC phono step up. I should get a good price for that. I’ve chrcked and it’s highly  regarded