Pre-Amp Reliability -- 4th time mine has conked

Arrrrghh ... My PSE Studio SL pre-amp just conked out for the fourth time in 15 years. PSE has always been nice enough to fix it at no cost to me -- even after the warranty long expired -- but it's still a big annoyance having to send it out, wait weeks for it to come back, etc.

Couple of questions for the board: (1) Based on the history I've mentioned above, is my reliability less than average for a pre-amp ?, and (2) If so, what would be a good recommendation for a replacement ? I'm running a pair of Vandersteen 3a Signatures and a pair of Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofers. If I have to replace the pre-amp, I will probably replace amps (two PSE Mk V monoblocks) as well, so amp recommendations would also be appreciated. Looking for sonic quality -- and reliability !!!

Thanks very much for your help.
Simply McIntosh!
4X in 15 years is not outrageous, but I've only had 1 pre-amp ever need work in the last 15 years (all used units). With respect to new gear, give us a budget. One thing, w.a pair of the 2WQs, you will be able to use a smaller, higher quality amp. Maybe a BAT VK3i/VK60 pre-amp/amp combo? used for about $3K if that fits your budget.
I've owned a Klyne SK-5A for five years. I bought it from the original owner who had never had to have it repaired in 19 years. I haven't either. OK, the "standby" LED is a little dim, and I've had to tighten the fixing bolts on two RCA connectors.

Stan Klyne still offers service for this unit, although some parts are no longer available. If you want to consider other makes of preamp than the one you have, Klyne looks like a pretty good bet for reliability from where I'm standing. They sound nice too.
I have owned different models of conrad johnson pre-amps over the course of several years and have never had any problems. I am not familiar with your make and model so I can not comment on the manufacturers reliability record. I would not, however, be pleased with having it break-down four times in 15 years.

4 breakdowns in 15 years for any high end component IS outrageous contrary to another opinion. A well designed and built unit should not fail that often period. Tubes, of course, are an exception.
I would like to clarify my previous post. I was not excepting tubed equipment; simply vacuum tubes. Sorry for any confusion.
Classe DR5 no repairs in 16yrs. Audio Research and VAC preamps have required no repairs either. I think 4 breakdowns in 15 yrs is excessive.
I too think 4x in 15 yrs is excessive. I second the McIntosh idea!
I had a Berning TF-12 pre-amp that had to go back to Berning four times in four years. I sold it and purchased Klyne System 7 (pre and phono). I've had them for 6 years and have not had any problems. I agree. Stan Klyne makes excellent stuff. (Too bad nobody knows about him!)
Also, I have had a Plasma pre-amp by NAT Audio for almost two years with no need for any interventions. It has 16 tubes and sounds excellent (too bad nobody knows about them either).

I have several pieces of gear that are 15-22 years old and these have never needed repair. They're not even "audiophile" grade, just some lowly Yamaha stuff. Oh, I almost forgot, the Levinson No. 23 is getting on in years too with no problems.
Maybe I should clarify. I said not outrageous, but certainly not what should be expected.
Hi, sorry to hear about your continued problems. I've owned the PSE preamp and had no problems with it at all. You have a great system. I've heard almost identical ones and I understand why you keep it despite your problems. So, _IF_ you decide to replace your preamp and amps here is what I suggest. Get an Aesthetix Calypso line stage and a single BEL 1001 Mk V. You will get a great sonic upgrade along with very reliable components.
I hope that helps!
Defintely you need to hear Audio Research Preamps and Amps if you can afford them-I assume you can-judging from your speaker which BTW I have also !
I am not asociated with the company in any way but own their preamp-LS 16 mkll and it is built like a tank
and tube life is said to be around 10,000 hours.
This will last you for years and never fail !
I owned a PSE SL preamp for about 15 years with zero problems. Most of the SS gear that has passed through my hands has been quite trouble free but I have had some problems with tube & hybrid amps and preamps. It is difficult to get valid information on reliability. Stereophile or possibly the webzines could do some reader polling and come up with semi-reliable numbers but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that.