Pre-amp recommendations for Bryston 4B SST

Hi Guys,

Have just bought the above Power Amp and currently use an Audiolab 8000S for the pre. I feel the pre-amp needs some upgrading to bring out the best in the Power Amp.

I listen to mainly dance music and don't require a phono-stage for it. Speakers are TDL RTL3's rewiried.

The obvious contender is the latest Bryston B25 but might there be others that I should be considering - what do the other Brsyton 4BSST listeners use?

Kind regards

If only digital sources are used, get a Benchmark DAC-1 and run it straight into the amp with the balanced outputs. Pure magic.
The Audiolab 8000 is a great preamp (I had it just for its phono stage section), I would go for the Bryston preamp and maybe getting an equalizer since you listen to dance music.

Get the eq first and maybe you will be saving some cash.