Pre-amp recommendation

My 2 channel reference setup is almost complete.
I'm looking for a suitable pre-amp to complete the setup.
A few that I'm considering :
Cary SLP 05 (used)
Cary 98
Pass Labs X02 (used)
Budget is limited to $5K.
Any other brands are also acceptable

My setup
Source : Esoteric K01
Pre-am : Densen B200 (for now)
Amps : Threshold SA/1 mono blocks ( Mids & Highs)
Sub Amp : Gallo Ref SA
Speakers : Gallo 5LS

It's almost impossible for me to audition so any help will be highly appreciated.

Coincident statement line stage and the trl dude preamp are quite liked in this forum at that price point .
Here are 2 very good choices & both have a world class phono stage if you are into vinyl!
I would lean toward the tube pre-amps as well. You probably can't go wrong with CARY or VAC and Mattmiller has some fine suggestions. I'm running a all tube system on Gallo Reference MK2 speakers. Anthem (Sonic Frontiers) CD1 tube player. N.E.W. P3 pre (Nelson Pass circuit now serviced by CARY). VTL (Manley) Tiny Triode Monos. All running on vintage Telefunken & Mullard tubes. The guy I bought my pre from switched to a Manley Shrimp. Although, I have upgraded the tubes and P3 is much better now. The CDT tweeter on Gallo speakers can be bright and every time I add tube gear, listening fatigue drops and soundstage gets even bigger. Andy at vintagetubeservices can bring your gear up another level with a tube upgrade as well.
Thanks guys!
I had earlier planned on going without a pre amp but directly from the K01, the sound was bright and lean.
The Densen pre improved on that but I feel a better preamp should bring in a lot more.
I myself was leaning towards tubes and with so many recommendations, tubes it is.
Thanks again!
Will keep you guys posted