Pre Amp Processor to match my Parasound HCA 2205A

I have recently been puting together a home theater system consisting of Paradigm Signature S1's, C1, ADP 1's all in piano black. My subwoofer is a M&K MX-350MKII(real cherry wood). All my speaker wiring is Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator(Bi-Wired). My power cords are all S.R - Tesla T2, T3, Precision Reference. My S.R Quattro power supply feeds all my Active cords. A PS Audio Quintescence supplies the clean power to the wall outlet. An Active AC Master Coupler power cord and Active Alpha Sterling X2 rca's connect my sub. My pre amp for now is my Yamaha RX Z1(Gold) receiver. My main area of concern is which pre processor to mate with my system. I have researched the Onkyo Pro 885, Integra 9.8, Parasound 7100,C1 and C2. I'm looking for all the new formats. I listen to mainly movies about 60/40. I like nice wide, deep soundstaging, depth, accuracy, detail in everything I listen to. I am willing to spend around $3000.00. Up till now the Parasound C1 stands out by reviews and forums but it doesn't play the new formats(DTS Master Audio, Dolby True HD, DD Plus. The Onkyo Pro 885/Integra 9.8 is a good choice for movies but I've read that for 2 channel music they don't excell. Can anyone help me out with my decisions or direct me towards a match for my system and tastes......THX PAUL
Hi, I would go with the C1. Note that the newer Blu-ray players will decode DTS Master Audio, Dolby True HD, DD Plus within the unit and pass the 7.1 signal out thru analog jacks. The C1 has 7.1 analog input which can accept this signal. Anyway- very few discs have this encoding and even fewer home set-ups are equipped with the right number and quality of equipment to make any differences detectable- sort of like chasing the incremental 1% or less of performance.
I appreciate your input Upgrade1394. I am reading rite now infact that Integra is coming out with a new pre-processor next monrh, the Integra DTC 9.9 and maybe a pro 886SC. Do you know anything about either???????....REGARDS PAUL
Hi Bacardi.

I like to match the brand of my pre/pro with my amp. I also like to have the disc player do the decoding rather than the sink, so I agree with Upgrade.

But,shopping around never hurts. In addition to Integra and Onkyo, you might take a look at the Rotel RSP-1069, the Sunfire Theater Grand Processor 5 and the NAD MI5. Outlaw has an intersting pre/pro but it has DVI in/out rather than HDMI - I wonder why? Anyway, HDMI/DVI converter plugs are not expensive.

Thx Mmarvin 19

I have researched the NAD M15 and it doesn't have the new formats, I'm sure 2 channel sounds good though. I have noticed that Integra will have a DTC 9.9 out soon. Maybe It'll have better 2 channel audio. Thx for the suggestions. I'll check out the Rotel & see what it has and some reviews......