Pre-amp/processor Do we think about it yet?

I am attempting to make some changes and am a bit confused about what I want to do.. I am just stepping back into the audio arena and my knowledge is minimal. I have used a Couterpoint AMP and C.P. pre-amp for years with some Maggies. The Counerpoint is a hybrid design. I have had some problems with both counterpoint componets. I don't really like problems. :)I am looking again and don't know if I should look ahead or not. I am planning on the getting the Sonus Faber Cremonas. I have seen a Mac Processor/pre-amp combo that looks pretty appealing and the Krell theatre 7.1. There is a switch out to remove the processor from audio arena. Does this really work? OR am asking the combo to do too much stuff? Should I just stay with the seperates and put in a processor when I am really ready... I want 4 speakers and the processor would make life simpler... but how much am I sacrificing? It would be nice to control the two sets of speakers independently... I have seen the Mac here pretty reasonable.. Could you guys help me out here... :)
When you're ready, get the stand alone processor. If you like keep your amp and pre. One just goes from the rca-outs for the 'fronts' on the processor, back into another input on your preamp. So for 2ch you'll be using say the 'cd' input.---Then for movies you'll be using a different input,say 'aux'. BTW, any respectable HT setup will have 5 speakers. So, you'd be talking about a 3ch amp to run the center and the rear L-R channels.--Your present 2ch rig does the 'front' L-R chores in this setup.
Thanks for the input... It's a difficult world and I regress but you are correct and that's what I will do...
I am trying to do too much and must put the important things first.. Thanks