pre-amp processor

i'm trying to decide between the  Lyngdorf MP-60 2.1 

and the Acurus ACT 4 any thoughts and information woul be of great help


I think the Lyngdorf is going to have much more flexibility in configuration.  The configuration settings in the Acurus ACT 4 are somewhat limited.  That being said, it is probably all about sound quality and I don't know that anyone here would have compared these two items side-by-side or at different times to give you an idea on the differences.

So, did some searching around.  I have never been able to find an internal pic of either of these processors, but it seems like there are a couple pages showing internal of the previous MP-50:

Both pictures show that the Lyngdorf is run off a switching power supply.  This would be one reason I would avoid the Lyngdorf (even though many people rave about this processor).

Both the MP-50 and the new MP-60 are exactly 19lbs in weight, so I can only assume the MP-60 is also based on a switching power supply.

The Acurus ACT 4 is 25 lbs in weight.  Ah, here's a thread that has an internal pic:

It seems the ACT 4 is also based on a switching power supply.  It's up to you, but at this point, I would not consider either processor.  I would probably go for the McIntosh MX-160 (which is a Lyngdorf digital processing platform with McIntosh linear power supplies and analog stages).

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I hope , you will let us know , which one you choose .

I you buy a used processor ;  Acurus warranty is for the first owner only.

It looks like the room correction on the Lyngdorf works the best also 8k.

The Acurus warranty is far superior than any other brand and USA made.

maxwave you have the act 4 how simple was it to calibrate and set it up?

the Lyngdorf has 5 2.1 hdmi in and 2 out

the Acurus has 8 21. ready in and one out

I'm still torn between the 2 units with Anthem AVM 90 close behind

What do you think?

The Lyngdorf’s room correction is at a higher level.  The effects of superior room correction can be huge and I think would overwhelm any other differences.  Just an educated guess though.  Best of luck. 

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´´The effects of superior room correction can be huge and I think would overwhelm any other differences. ´´

The room correction improvement is about 20%.

It can not compensate for a very bad acoustic room.

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The room correction improvement is about 20%.It can not compensate for a very bad acoustic room.

That wasn’t my point.  The point was the Lyngdorf has superior room correction that differentiates it from the Acurus and could supersede other sonic differences.  


Do you include the ASPEQT  room correction ? 
The ASPEQT will received firmware updates in the futur .



If there is a ACT4  liquidation , and you get a real big rebate , it may be a processor

to consider.

You may wait a little . There is supposed to be an hardware upgrade availlable

in the future for DTS X Pro , and IMAX Enhance.

You may ask the dealer to add this upgrade to your futur unit .

Just my 2 cents


If you decide that it is ACT4 that you want , and do not have a dealer.

PM me . There is a Audiogon member that is also a Acurus US  dealer.


I was just wondering what changed your mind about the Acurus ACT 4 in a previous post you stated that if you could return the unit for what you paid for it you would look at the other options you listed.



At a discount , you can always resell it , without loosing too much , it if it does not please you.


It is not easy to imagine , what is Home Theater immersive experience .

You almost have to try it , to know what it is .

There are many things , going on, that are different from 2 channels audio

Other processors are more ´´ Plug & Play ´´  


You should write :  @maxwave   instead of maxwave.

That way , I receive an Email that is telling me , someone has refered to me.

Otherwise , I may come back to a thread only in several days

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I still hope that you let us know , which processor , you choose.

And what is you thoughts about immersive audio.

To often with threads , many people took the time and do some researchs 

to answer OP questions . And we never knew  , what happended .


I'll let you know when I decide. I'm waiting to hear on a time frame for the 8k 2.1, the DTS X Pro , and IMAX Enhance features will be added to the ACT 4.

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The sales VP just sent me this.

The 2.1 board is already installed in the ACT 4 and Muse processors. We are just waiting for the firmware to be released by MDS. 

DTS X Pro and IMAX will be available late 2nd or early 3rd quarter.

It looks like the  Acurus ACT 4 might be be my choice. Was the setup and manuel speaker calibration not too complicated?

DTS X Pro and IMAX Enhance was supposed to be availlable in 1 st quater

2021 …..


- global EQ : Low shelving filter F G . High Shelving filter F G

- PEQ :Five bands F G Q


I have tryed to send here photos but it does’t work

I have never known , how to calibrate my unit , so I have bought the ASPEQT kit

( it took a year and a halft before I received it )

Speaker ´s calibration is easy if you have a spl meter

The 4 aux out speakers are replicates of the speakers in the main speakers layout.

But no delay , no cross over for these 4  aux out speakers.











Do not forget that if you buy the ACT4 without the DTS X Pro and want 

it afterward , you will have to ship it , at your own expense to IAL facilities.

You can easily figured out 2 months before it will be returned to you.


Look at my picture , you will see what the PEQ 5 bands looks like


Let me know if you want to see the global EQ 


please show me the global eq.

I'm not in a big rush so when I do buy I will not take delivery until all of the updates are available and installed. Are you a hockey guy?




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I've just finished setting up the MP60 2.1 and running RoomPerfect with 13 mic positions to 100% complete. My 7.2 Magnepan system has never sounded like this before. In 2016 I built two of GR Research W/Frame open baffel subs. They added a nice bottom to my 3.6 Maggies but deep movie bass was too much for them. The drivers would bottom out and blow the covers off. I had given up on them and ordered new drivers from Rythmik to build some sealed subs. But, after RoomPerfect analysed my W/Frame subs and then corrected the room EQ problems, the bottom out problems are gone. The subs now do there job filling in the bottom of music or movies. I have tried in the past to make room corrections using DEQX Express but I never could get it to work right. I can't say enough good about RoomPerfect. You should be able to get it for about $4K off retail. 


If you decide on the ACT4 ,  be sure you have a good dealer who knows the

products he sell.  Some dealers carry 20 brands . They do not know everything.
A home theater processor is a complex gear .  No dealer is able to solve the 

kind of programing issue with my firmware . Only one person at IAL has that knowledge . It makes , owning IAL processors  , quite risky.


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Sounds like the Lyngdorf might be my best choice 

I’m still torn between the two 

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McIntosh MX 170 uses the Room Perfect room calibration  too

And you have a very solid brand that still , should be in business 10 years from now …….

5 HDMI 2.1 Inputs Instead of 8 HDMI 2.1 is not relevant in my opinion.

There are no Blueray player that are 8K .

Apple TV and NVidia Shield Pro are 4K

I think , only gaming gears like PS5 ( ? ) and others , are 8K.

Some television are 8K , but for the 8K effects , you need at least  85 inches.

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I know the previous McIntosh MX-160 used the Lyngdorf DSP and processing board, but used all McIntosh linear power supplies and audio stages.  The MX-170 probably uses the same architecture since it also includes RoomPerfect.  That's the way I would go if you have the budget (either used MX-160 or a new MX-170).

If you want 2.1 HDMI  , DTS X Pro , and your are mostly  ´´digital ´´  Lyngdorf is the way to go instead of McIntosh.

McIntosh is always , a litlle late in the game.

Maybe McIntosh MX 180  will have these  features.


The Acurus is both hardware and software upgradeable I don’t think that the lyngdorf is and neither is McIntosh I don’t feel like having to buy new equipment every few years 

Lyngdorf and McIntosh are firmware upgradeable.

More over , the firmware are upgradeable right from the processor.

No need for a Laptop computer which is a mess.

I think , the Lyngdorf is hardware upgradeable , but not the McIntosh.

Don’t be fooled, the hardware upgrades are expensive ( parts , labor , shipping) Some manufecturers use this upgradebility as a marketing strategy against the midfi receivers.

The best ´´ no need to upgrade hardware ´´ is the Trinnov processors.

Except for the HDMI 2.1 that should be availlable soon; the Trinnov firmware and audio format  can be upgraded whatever it might be, without the need of hardware upgrade.


I am not sure but StormAudio may also, not need hardware upgrades


The Acurus is both hardware and software upgradeable I don’t think that the lyngdorf is and neither is McIntosh I don’t feel like having to buy new equipment every few years 

It sounds like you are putting upgrade features over sound quality.  If that's the direction you want to go, that's fine.  I would say the McIntosh MX-160 is still going to out-perform the newest Lyngdorf as far as sound quality goes.



@auxinput is wright ( as usual ) If you are looking mostly for the new features ,you may buy

a Yamaha RX- A8A receiver . But I think , the ´´old ´´ McIntosh MX 160 will

still sound  a lot better.

By the way , the cost of hardware upgrades ( all included ) cost as much as the brand new top Denon HT receiver .


Have you ever unplgged and remove a 20 channels processor , to ship for an hardware upgrade ?
20 interconnects cables to the power amplifiers and subwoofers ,one power cord , one ethernet cable , HDMI cables , several interconnect cables to other sources !!!

You have to tag , almost each cables to know where to put theme back.

It is , half a day , of pure pleasure :-))))


I have all separates now the Lexicon mc12b

dynaudio speakers

Vidikron model 60 which will be upgraded to the 

JVC NZ8 laser projector I’m looking for sound quality along with 8k 2.1 hdmi 

or 4k with being able to upgrade to 8k the Lexicon is component out no hdmi




For the past four  years , I have plugged and unplugged my whole system so many times ; that , today , at the moment I touch a cable ; I hyperventilate and sweat like

if I was in a sauna .

I don’t want to remove anything anymore .

I’m looking for sound quality along with 8k 2.1 hdmi 

or 4k with being able to upgrade to 8k

You could try looking into these two items:

NAD Masters M17 V2i (much lower price than your budget, but will likely have an 8K upgrade module in the future).

Theta Casablanca V - very expensive, but also will likely have an 8k upgrade in the future.


The problem here is wanting to be on the bleeding edge of technology but also expecting sound quality.