Pre-amp Problem - Need Advice

I have a Conrad Johnson preamp, model PFR.

When I plugged the left channel into the amp I thought the preamp was on mute. It wasn't and now the left channel just emits pink noise. The noise is constant and not affected by the volume control or input selector.

Could this be a minor problem (fuse) that I should try to have fixed locally or should I just ship it back to Conrad Johnson for service? Thanks.
First, are you sure that the pre-amp is the problem, or is it the amp? Once you've determined the damaged component, you'll likely have to send it in for repair. Remember, it is always safest to reconfigure equipment that is powered OFF, not simply muted. Good luck.
Before you send it in for repairs:
Check with different everything!
Swap the cables, the left and right channel from source to pre, and from pre to amp. swap the speaker cables left and right.
Find out exactly which part is not working correctly.
Then (if you feel confident, and the unit is not under warranty, open the case. Check (visually) the input wires for a short in the RCA jack. (best bet)
Otherwise to the dealer she goes...
Is this a tubed pre? That would be my first place to look.