Pre-Amp Pass Through Loop

Have a Classe CP-60 pre amp with a surround sound processor pass through. My question is exactly what does the pass thru do? Are the signals going to all 5 speakers being impacted at all from the pre-amp? If not is the surround sound processors sound enhanced when it routes through the pre-amp? Any clarification provided will be much appreciated. Thanks
It allows for an external pro to be used and the ht pass through routes the signals to the amp it is connected to yet volume is controled by the pro. Your preamp should then be in a pass through mode and not touch the signal.
Mdomnick is correct. I also have the Classe CP-60. I have the preamp output from my Denon AVR receiver input into the CP-60 SSP loop. This allows me to use my mains in HT without detracting performance from my two channel system. When the SSP is engaged, no functions on the CP-60 operate, not even volume, since it is unity gain. The Denon controls ALL the speakers volumes.

Appreciate both of the responses. John, how big a detraction would the Classe SSP 75 be versus the CP 60. Thinking about upgrading HT, but don't want to give up a lot of two channel.

I haven't heard the SSP 75, so I can't really comment. I have heard the SSP 25, 30 and 50 though. I felt the 60 bested all of them in terms of warmth and lower noise floor. Possibly due to the outboard power supply. I listen to 80% music and 20% HT. I wouldn't consider trading in my stereo preamp for a SSP unless I was at least 50% music. I like my set up the way it is. I find that during movie watching, I am visually distracted, hence audio is not as critical. A Denon receiver does fine for this purpose. Also consider that these SSP upgrade at a dizzying pace. Meaning if you lay out long green for a SSP 75 today, in two years you'll either have to spend another couple grand to bring it up to date (if possible, some manufacturers don't upgrade) or sell it for less than half what you paid for it and get the newer, current format. These SSP's outdate and depreciate faster than digital gear. I spend 90% of my money on 2 channel. In a couple years, I can buy the latest $1000 Denon receiver. I look at them as disposeable. I used to be into the high end SSP's, for years I owned Proceed, Aragon and Classe SSP's, I'm much happier now.
Besides, my CP-60 has a very nice built in phono stage that no SSP can match.


I thought you might appreciate this, although it's nothing to do with Classe products. But I hear it's good stuff. I think it all comes down to what's more important to you and go for that.