Pre-amp or power amp producing static?

Hi.I recently bought a used pre-amp and power amp.They were both from different owners.Lately when I play music I get some slight static coming from the speakers while the music is playing and sometimes one of the channels will cut in and out.Is this a problem with my power amp or pre-amp?
Anthem TLP1 Pre-amp and NAD 2700 THX power amp...
Sounds very much like a bad interconnect or termination. Get some contact cleaner and clean all the connections. Also, depending on what terminations you have, unscrew the outer cover on the RCA's, and check the solder joint on them. Re-solder as necessary. Mapleshade or Walker's silver paste helps make good connections stay that way, if you do that to ALL your connectors, problems of that sort will pretty much become a thing of the past. Hope that's your problem.

Good luck,

Could also be dust that has built up over time. You see this alot on older preamps when you turn the volume knobs and hear crackling. Dust builds up and creates arcing/static. Does your amp or preamp have a perforated cover? In addition to checking the interconnects and cleaning the connectors, you may also want to remove the coverplate and blow out some of the built up dust.