Pre/amp or integrated amp with Revel Speakers

I own a pair of Revel F30's which I have had for a while and am still quite fond of. I've gone through various amp set ups over the years. Initially the speakers were powered by a Proceed HPA2 and Pass Aleph P Pre. Very powerful but at the same time not incisively dynamic and little bloom.

I then went to CJ- MV60SE amp and a Premier 17LS2. Finally, my speakers had bloom and warmth and micro dynamics were markedly improved. The17LS2 I think was a revelatory Pre amp.

Kept that for a number of years but ultimately found the CJ house sound a little too syrupy. I suspected it was the amp but I sold both. Then switched to a Rogue Tempest II Magnum which has the bloom and microdynamics of he CJ gear but without the shadow of syrup.

Lately been toying with the idea of going back to solid state. Before the HPA2 I had a Bryston 4b, very old style (bought new in about 1990 or 1991).

I'm sure solid state has gotten sweeter over the years, so I'm looking for suggestions for a sweet amp, and frankly, not one that has rock solid control over the bass because I feel my speakers are a bit over damped in the bass and an amp that has tight bass control winds up sounding thin with these speakers.

Names that come to mind are Hegel, Luxman, Naim, or another shot at Pass (I have a Pass phono stage which unless it dies, it's my last phono stage).

Anyone have any thoughts?
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