Pre-amp for Snell B Minors?

I have a pair of Snell B Minors, which I bought to replace some Snell D's a couple of years ago. I've had the same old Rotel CD player for a number of years-- CD is the only source I listen to. Mostly popular music in my collection--alt/rock, some electronica, etc.

I currently have an old Harman Kardon hk825 pre-amp, and a pair of hk870 amplifiers I use to power the speakers. I'd like to begin to upgrade the electronics with a new(er) pre-amp, for under $1000. Obviously, I don't have a problem with used equipment. Any recommendations?

I really have been out of the audio loop for a while, just listening to what I have. I remember some Classe pre-amps in the mid-90's that seemed good, and would be priced right. But I'm just hoping to educate myself a little bit and find something new. Any input would be appreciated.
Buy a used Bryston BP-25 pre-amp. Comes w/remote, headphone jack, outboard power supply. It's slender and sounds excellent. Very high quality w/the Bryston 20 yr. warranty. Phono stage can be added for $400, which I've heard is excellent. I'm using this pre-amp w/my Bryston 3B amp and Snell E-III's. Wonderful. Added a Blue Circle BC 61 or 62 power cord to the Bryston power supply and you'll elevate performance greatly. Priced right at your budget! You will be amazed at the improvement over your present pre-amp. (The pre-amp is perhaps the most important/under appreciated component in a system.) Let me say, the Nakamichi CA-5 pre-amp which I had previously used, is a very, very fine pre-amp as well. For the $ used a steal especially because it has such a good phono stage. However, if you have the funds, consider the Bryston very seriously. Hope this helps. BTW, older Snell's are just wonderful! Bill