Pre/Amp for Salk HT3

I would like suggestions for a best Preamp and Power amp for the Salk HT3 Speakers.
Jim Salk auditions his HT3s with Frank Van Alstine equipment ( Fet Valve Ultra 550 amp (hybrid) and Ultra pre - the HT3s sound great with this gear. At least I think so, but more importantly Jim Salk thinks so as well.
I agree with Rock., I too own AVA gear and the sound is great. The price of Frank's electronics is way below market value, big bang for the buck!

There is no best,everybody has different opinions on what they like.
IMS I personally have a Supratek Sauvignon and Spectron MusicianIII SE combination, which to my ears sounds wonderful.
I, like Snopro above have a Supratek Syrah and Spectron Musician III SE combination driving a pair of large planars with wonderful results. And the recent addition of a Modwright Sony 999es with Modwright Platinum/Truth mods further revealed just how extremely good this combination really is.
Moscode 401 HR sounds great with Salk HT3's