Pre-amp for Rotel RB-1092

I just picked up a Rotel RB-1092 digital amp and am currently using my Rotel RC-1070 pre. Any recommendations for a pre to use with this digital amp? I am using it for 2 channel listening only.
I ordered a RC-1090 last night. Will be hear soon - shipping from Phoenix, AZ.
In answer to Miner42 I too just bought a Rotel RB 1092 and is also using it in 2 channel. I'm using PS Audio GCP pre amp which I retained from a previous set up where it was used with Spectron Musician 11. This combo delivers tremendous power in the bottom octaves, the sound is big and robust. I have never heard so much bass from my Nola speakers. My only dislike of this Rotel is it did't let the speakers show their imaging qualities. My Nolas are imaging champs and this amp didn't let these speakers shine in that area. But this might be due to lack of synergy somewhere in chain from front-end to speaker. I'm in the process of swapping out components to try to get better imaging. I too am seeking suggestions and information from other users regarding their experience with the Rotel RB-1092