Pre-Amp for Parasound JC-1

Just ordered a pair of JC-1's and need a recommendation for a tube pre-amp . Particularly interested in performance differences between balanced and single ended operation.

These will be driving Wilson WP7 via Transparent Reference XL-SS. Source consists of AN CDT2 and Zanden 5000 Mk. III
Interconnects will also be Transparent Ref. XL-V.

If balanced operation is the way to go, it seriously limits the number of candidates. Thoughts/suggestions please.
The JC-1s are a touch cleaner used in balanced configuration, but the XLRs took every bit of thirty days of music 24/7 to break in and stop being bright.....The RCA sounds sweeter during break-in.....I would go for at least balanced outputs on the preamp and check the DC offset specs on the tube preamp or the JC-1s will be shutting down as they have a DC sensor which will be tripped by excessive amounts of DC......I have heard good things about the new BAT preamp, the 51SE I think it is called......
As a follow up to Bobs post, I owned a BAT VK-30SE and it shut down a few SS amps that I had audtioned. I never could find the DC leakage but it did happen on those amps that had the DC sensor. Try before buying.

Happy Listening.
Sue Kraft had intermittent trouble with her 30SE with the JC-1s shutting things down for a few seconds......The sensor opens the speaker relay so DC can't get through the amp to hurt the speakers......
I've sent a note to BAT.

I'm not an EE so please bear with me. Is there an acceptable amount of DC (or DC offeset) from tube pre-amps which allow the JC-1's to operate without shutting down? Is this an inherent issue with all tube pre's?

Thanks for your help.

Perhaps a Sonic Frontiers Line 3.
Rcupka, you could do the big Lamm or the new BAT or you could get us to build you a preamp if you don't mind waiting a while.....Shoot me an email if this interests you......Regarding DC offset and tube units you really need to try it out at home as sometimes if the voltage bounces around it will cause the preamp to burp every now and then and shut down the amps momentarily.......
Hi Rcupka,
I'm having fantastic results with an Atma-Sphere MP-1. Truley a killer combo.

I second your recommendation of the Atma-Sphere preamp. I'm a dealer for the Parasound JC-1's as well as Atma-Sphere, and it's a sweet synergy.

The MP-1 is a very nice preamp with an ardent following. Although I haven't owned one, I know someone who replaced one with a Blowtorch and was overwhelmed with the improvement. He uses Parasound JC-1s as well. Alas, the Blowtorch is not a production item, as each unit is built to order and sold direct only. Few if any preamps can approach the performance.
Geez- I was considering the JC-1's for the 2-ch tube pre rig, but with all these preamp matching issues, now I'm not so sure...

OK, plan B- how are these JC-1's in a SS processor-based home theater system? I would be curious how 5 of them would compare to my previous amp (Theta Dreadnaught) on that lind of system...
The JC-1's do not have compatibility problems. It is the junk that other manufacturers are producing and charging high end prices for that create problems. Some manufacturers have no quality control. Would you rather the JC-1's not shut down and pass the DC that the junky gear is feeding into it? Do you like your speakers?