Pre amp for Nuforce Reference 9 mono's


Wondering if anyone can recommend a good tube or SS pre amp to mate with these amps? Very open, detailed & transparent and think if I can add just a smidge more of organic texture, I will have it all. Using with an Emotiva pre/dac and am sure as good as it is for the price, adding a dedicated preamp is the way to go. Playing with various cables as well, and am open to suggestions there as well as I have read they can be very cable dependent to.

System consists of:

Nuforce Referece 9 mono blocks
Usher 8871 DMD Diamonds
Oppo BDP 83
Apply Tv

Thanks for any suggestions.
My generic advice is that you would be a lot happier with the right tube power amps. Doubting you would consider that I suggest you get a tube preamp. If you have $1200 to spend the AES AE-3 is still available new and if you can get one used allthe better. There are on occasion impedance mismatches so get more specific advice and buy cheaply unless money is not a big issue. Anyway I still advocate tubes somewhere that why I say try any good tube pre and see if it meets your needs.
Hi Mechans,

Thanks, I am thinking of a tube preamp all the way if I can find the right match, but will not rule out a SS pre. Would like to keep it around $1k or below or so for now. Thinking about the Dared MC-7P tube pre as I saw a 6 moons reviewer uses one with his Nuforce amps, and I would assume that eliminates a mismatch.