Pre-amp for NADC370 vs NADC370 plus Stratos amp?

Hi, I have been using NADC370(integrated) for 8 months and am looking for a sonic upgrade.Does anybody have idea as to
which of the following combo would be expected to have a better sounding?(1)MusicalFidelity-X-Pre. pairing with NADC370 (2)NADC370 pairing with Stratos Amp(Odessey). If I go with no (1)a tube preamp plus 120Wx2 SS Amp.;while no(2)
,I got BOTH SS,yet 150Wx2 of class A/AB of the Stratos amp.
I am debating my self as to which combo would sound better?(more full-bodied,good bass,sweet-mids,fine treble without harshness).I am using Ah-NoeTjoeb4000 CDP,Analysis plus Oval 9 spkr cable;TruthLink IC.(Harmonic Tech); spkr is Quadral Ascent850(slim-tower spkr,floor standing;89dB sensitivity,3-way,front-ported bass reflex,28-24000Hz freq.;nominal/music power :150w/300w)Your opinion and suggestions(perhaps any other<1000US$ good Preamp) is highly appreciated and thanks a lot.
Simon -PS NADC370's jumper can be removed and be used as either Preamp or Amp.
goo idea about the jumpers. I think any cable company could make a very short pair for that specific use.
Replace the solid jumpers with a pair of good IC's That will help the sound a little. Did for me anyway. And i also think that the C-370 is a very good amp and that you might be wasting your money.
I am temporarily using a 370 to drive a new pair of Audio Physic Virgo III's ($5500) and it is shockingly good, very transparent with excellent control and power, nothing like the older stale equipment they used to make. I can say very firmly that any upgrade that you are suggesting would be a waste of money. You would be much better off using the money to improve your cd player or speakers. This amp can hang with the big guys.
When I first strted on the upgrade path I also had an NAD integrated. I think using the NAD as pre-amp with a better power amp makes more sense than the other way around (though I did it that way). Although it is the total effect of pre-amp and power amp which determine the sound the amp is performing a much larger change to the signal and gains will be most readily perceived here. In either case eventually the NAD will make the heart of a fine second system when you upgrade the other half of you amplification (at least that's how it worked out for me).