Pre-amp for NADC370 vs NADC370 plus Stratos amp?

Hi, I have been using NADC370(integrated) for 8 months and am looking for a sonic upgrade.Does anybody have idea as to
which of the following combo would be expected to have a better sounding?(1)MusicalFidelity-X-Pre. pairing with NADC370 (2)NADC370 pairing with Stratos Amp(Odessey). If I go with no (1)a tube preamp plus 120Wx2 SS Amp.;while no(2)
,I got BOTH SS,yet 150Wx2 of class A/AB of the Stratos amp.
I am debating my self as to which combo would sound better?(more full-bodied,good bass,sweet-mids,fine treble without harshness).I am using Ah-NoeTjoeb4000 CDP,Analysis plus Oval 9 spkr cable;TruthLink IC.(Harmonic Tech); spkr is Quadral Ascent850(slim-tower spkr,floor standing;89dB sensitivity,3-way,front-ported bass reflex,28-24000Hz freq.;nominal/music power :150w/300w)Your opinion and suggestions(perhaps any other<1000US$ good Preamp) is highly appreciated and thanks a lot.
Simon -PS NADC370's jumper can be removed and be used as either Preamp or Amp.
When I first strted on the upgrade path I also had an NAD integrated. I think using the NAD as pre-amp with a better power amp makes more sense than the other way around (though I did it that way). Although it is the total effect of pre-amp and power amp which determine the sound the amp is performing a much larger change to the signal and gains will be most readily perceived here. In either case eventually the NAD will make the heart of a fine second system when you upgrade the other half of you amplification (at least that's how it worked out for me).
I am temporarily using a 370 to drive a new pair of Audio Physic Virgo III's ($5500) and it is shockingly good, very transparent with excellent control and power, nothing like the older stale equipment they used to make. I can say very firmly that any upgrade that you are suggesting would be a waste of money. You would be much better off using the money to improve your cd player or speakers. This amp can hang with the big guys.
Replace the solid jumpers with a pair of good IC's That will help the sound a little. Did for me anyway. And i also think that the C-370 is a very good amp and that you might be wasting your money.
goo idea about the jumpers. I think any cable company could make a very short pair for that specific use.