Pre amp for Merlin VSM se's and Transcendent Stereo 25


What would be a good match for the SE's driven by a Transcendent 25? Small room (11 x 13) with mainly CD source via Wadia 830. thanks!
I am using a CAT with excellent results. Why not try the Transcendent grounded grid at 400-500 used. Hard to lose if you don't require a phono stage. I haven't heard but good things especially at the price point. There is one for sale on Audiogon for 500.00.
i just did a shoot out with rogue 99; arc ls2mk2 and joule electra mk3. i liked the joule better. it gave the music more texture. the bottom and top end were not as extended as the arc and rogue. arc finished 2nd; rogue 3rd. joule was more musical. assoc componets. hw19mk3;crown jewel se cart/rogue 120 mons and merlin vsm-ms w bam. (custom built phono stage and interconnects). my experiences anyway.
I have the Merlin VSM-M and the Transcendent Sound Stereo OTL. I am using a Jeff Rowland Coherence One MkII. Have also used the Jeff Rowland Consonance. Both works great.
I would think the Transcendent Grounded Grid pre would be good too but have not heard it.
Good Luck.
never heard a merlin owner complain about a CAT or a Joule.

(specially me.)

Thanks, all for the input! Merlin owners, where do you hook up your BAM in the system?

Matt I currently have mine hooked up through the tape loop on my pre-amp. I previously had it between the pre-amp and amp. I like it better through the tape. Certainly a matter of preference.
I have VSM-M (T) speakers. I've used many pre-amps, including the Wyetech Opal. It was probably the best active pre-amp I've ever had. But if you are using a sperate DAC and transport, no active analog pre-amp comes close to the Z-Systems RDP-1. It is totally transparent, as it goes between your transport and DAC, and amplifies in the digital domain. The only analog pre that can approach that kind of transparency is the Silver Rock passive, which I also have. I use a Joule Electra OTL to power my speakers. It's a great match for the Merlins, and is what Merlin uses at shows. I haven't ever heard the Joule pre, but can tell you that Judd Barber is probably the nicest guy in high-end audio. They even answer the phone on Sundays. As a manufacturer, he's the best. But Bruce at Transcendent is also very good. By the way, I did own a Transcendent Sound pre. The performance of that pre-amp is good for the money, but doesn't approach the performance of the Transcendent amps, which I also had. There are a lot better pre-amps out there. I think the Monolithic might even be better using the optional power supply upgrade. I have one now in a second system, and it's very good for the money ($400. used).