Pre-amp for McCormack DNA 1 Deluxe

I recently purchased the DNA 1 Deluxe and probably will upgrade it with upgrade B offered by Steve McCormack. I have been told a few different things by a variety of salesperson, each with a product to sell. I would like some comments from other audio nuts re: what is a good pre-amp for this amp? Speakers are B&W Nautilus 805s, CD is CAL DX-1 and tuner is entry Rotel(but a very nice one). I am using Kimber Silver streak interconnects and Alphacore MI2 speaker cables. I am currently using the pre in my Arcam Alpha 9. Would a tube pre-amp give me a more tube-like sound? Can I get the same from a SS unit such as the Adcom 750? Thanks to all who help this pre-amp challenged audio nut.
That McCormack is a great amp. Every time I hear one I am impressed. I have heard this with both the mccormack passive pre-amp and the gfp-750. They both sounded wonderful. I couldn't tell them apart. You can probably get a used mccormack pre much cheaper than the adcom. I have the adcom myself and I am very pleased with it. Take care, John.
McCormack TLC-1 in mint condition available for $975 from Goodwins High End ( Drop Steve McCormack an email ( with questions. Post your decision when you make it. I'm also considering McCormack. The Adcom 750 has rec'd great reviews but also many curious and denegrating reviews online and from dealers that I've queried.
I also have a DNA1,and I use it with a conrad johnson pv10a and they sound great together