Pre-amp for Manley MonoBlock 160W

I've just bought a pair of Manley Monoblock 160W to drive dynaudio 1.3 and is wondering which tube(or ss?) preamp is a good match?

never go solid state preamp, it will squash the openness of a tube amp. i would look into cary slp-50 or -90, good units at reasonable used prices.
... As far as I know Manley is more sencitive than some preamps and all it needs is just attenuator with input selector -- simply saying passive preamp(theoretically!).

In fact, in order to aquire a passive you've got to research your source components in terms of output voltage and amount of negative feedback. If you have tube output sources the passive preamp is the best way to get music.
If you are bold enough to listen to what your source sounds like, go passive it will color the siginal the least. The manley amps are beefy and should be able to give you the signal needed unless your source has a very low output.
give a listen to the joule electra and if you can find one, an ARC SP-10.
good luck
I use a Cat with my VTL 300's. I'm on my 3rd CAT. I also have A BAT 5i which worked well. It has a thinner and leaner sound. The quickness some people prefer.You will need adapters, the BAT is balanced.