Pre-amp for Magnepan 3.6 and Bryston 14B

I know Magnepan often demonstrates their speakers with Bryston amps. But what would be a good preamp to use with this set up? Specifically, I have Maggie 3.6s and a Bryston 14B and am looking for a preamp to match. I am looking at Bryston BP-26, Bryston SP2 and Wyetech Ruby. But I want to hear from others who have a similar setup and what they use.

Bring on your ideas.
I had Maggie 1.6s with Plinius SA 100mkII and BAT Vk3iX. One of the best systems I ever had in my room.
Does anyone else out there have any advice or experience on this topic? I know there are a lot of Bryston and Magnepan users out there.
I borrowed a friends 3.6's to hear what might I was missing.
I have the 26 but didn't connect it up.
What I did use was my Vac Sig MKII pre with my 28's.
All's I'll say is I'm on the look out for 3.7's.
I'm amazed at what the 3.6's brought out in the music and
I'm sure the Vac and 28's helped them along big time.
I owned several iterations of Bryston amps in combination with Magnepan speakers and for a time I did have the 14BSST paired with a pair of 1.6's.It was fairly obvious to me that a tubed pre amp was a requisite to filling out the sound.I tried several including a Cary 98L,Supratek Syrah and settled on the Audio Horizons TP 2.0n.AH designed by Joseph Chow,and like all his products the only thing between you and the music is the air.