Pre-Amp for Class D Amp

My brother use a pair Bel Canto 1000M(500W@8 ohm) class D power amp to drive a pair B&W 802D speakers. He is happy with the 1000M. The pre-amp is a Bel Canto Pre3VB. He want to improve sound. Is there any suggestion a better pre-amp to match 1000M? Thanks.
Any quality tube preamp would be an improvement. I like VAC and Manley but that doesn't mean you have to. There are lots of single ended choices, but if you want true balanced the heard thins down.
I have a Calypso tube preamp with low noise Mullard 70’s input tubes and Amperex Orange Globe output tubes. It sounds sublime with the RCA connections in the low gain mode with my NCore class D amps.

I second the tube preamp suggestions. I have partnered my REF1000Ms with a Pre3, then a Modwright LS100, then an Ayon CD5S (CDP + tube pre), an Audio Research Reference 5, then Reference 5SE.

It really complements the slightly dryer midrange of the ICE modules.
Yes, tube active, lush even, to round out stark but clear class D and detailed B&W. Maybe Conrad-Johnson. Perhaps a pre which uses 6SN7's. Cary SLP-98. Stay away from passive pre's with D class amps.
I use Audio Research sp16 with my Bel Canto REf 1000m amps and can easily recommend it for top notch sound.

REf1000m amps specifically have high 100kohm unbalanced (higher balanced) input impedance which makes them very compatible with tube pre-amps.

Class D and tube pre-amps in general are a match made in heaven, especially when amp is designed with higher input impedance to optimize the mating.
I agree with a tube preamp suggestion to go along with your Class D type amps. I have a budget system and am finding great synergy between a Xiang Sheng 728A preamp along with Red Dragon Audio M1000 Mk1 monoblocks. I had the 728A modified though to accommodate 6X4 rectifier tubes and the required adapters for them.
I have tried The TRL Dude, Conrad Johnson Premier 16LS, EAR 868, eastern Electric Avant, all tubes, and all sound fantastic with my Bel Canto ref 1000 M amps as well as with Class D audio SDS 470 amps. Tubes, tubes, tubes the key !
Any decent tube preamp or buffer stave would go nicely with Class D amps. As mentioned, tubes are the key to a well balanced system using Class D amplification. We have been designing around Class D for several years.
The Bel Canto's have a high input Impedance, 100K/200K ohms so there are no concerns there. They do have a rather high sensitivity at 3V but again, most preamps will drive them to full power with no problem
I use a cj et3se with first version of bel-canto ref 1000 driving b&w 802d with good results. cj recommends using preamp with amps having min 20k input impedance & older version are 10k unbalanced & 20k balanced so i use cardas adapters with single ended cables on balanced inputs. seems to work good. mike
Class D amps are not nearly as sterile and cold sounding as they were back in 2005. Those days are gone with the recent major advancements in Class D technology. So its absurd that Class D works best nowadays with tube Preamps. Redundant.
You don't need a tube Preamp with the best of Class D. Here are the best solid state Preamps at $4K and under that will get you the full organic character your seeking. 1. The Hegel P-20 at $ 2900.00. 2. The new just released Cambridge Audio Azur
851E Preamp at $ 1850.00. 3. The Wyred 4 Sound level 2 STP-SE Preamp upgrade by EJ at $3749.00. And currently the best solid state budget Preamp on the market at $1000.00 is the just released Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2.
Stunning board work and construction for the price.
A modest correction, 3 volts amplifier input sensitivity would be considered "low" not high sensitivity. The lower the volts= "higher" sensitivity. An amplifier with .5volts is more sensitive than an amp with 2 volt input sensitivity for example.
I bought and built with some Abletec modules. I use them with great success with a Coda CL Preamp.
I have a Cary solid state class A-B amp. Would that also mate well with tube preamp? I'm waiting for delivery of a new Cary SLP98 but I'm afraid it all might be too laid back.
Your are correct Charles1. It was not written correctly. Thanks for clearing that up.
Bel Canto dealer here...

I have had great luck with matching up Cary SLP98's or 05's with the BC 500m's and 1000m's. Really nice match.

Rogue Hera/Athena also do well with them.

Cary, Rogue, Bel Canto dealer disclaimer***
Hey Goldprintaudio. I have an cary spl 88. I have the stock eh tubes and I also got sylvania gta's. The eh sounds a little boomy in the bass otherwise ok and the sylvania a little bright/hard in the treble. Would you have a suggestion on which way to go neutral/refined top end, articulate but not heavy lower frequencies. I wouldn't mind lightweight bass and a great mid-range and treble. Thanks
I just picked up a pair of used Bel Canto REF1000m monos on Agon. Plugged them into my First Sound Presence Deluxe mk III pre amplifier with the most recent two 'S' upgrades performed by Mr. Emmanuel Go of First Sound here in Renton, WA. Both pieces (actually all 4 pieces given the pre amp has a separate power supply and there are two amps) sound remarkable. I've owned a number of amps and pre amps, solid state and tube, SET, push-pull, integrateds, by Cary, Electrocompaniet, DK Design, Parasound, Jungson, Precision Fidelity, EICO, Doge, and my current combo bests them all, to my ears. First experience with class D amps and I must say they don't take a back seat to anything I've owned or listened to.
Sorry Charles1.
You are correct. My wording was incorrect. The lower the number, the higher the sensitivity.
Sorry for the incorrect wording.
I have a Bel Canto ref500 that I've paired well with a Cary SLP 308 and, most recently, a Primaluna Dialogue Premium.

I'm running Tidal and Spotify from Sonos and Amazon Fire TV and it sounds really, really nice.

I wasn't crazy about the sound of Sonos before the tube pre's...(but that's probably a different issue).
Mjmch2003...I also use a Primaluna Dialogue Premium preamp pushing my Merril Audio Veritas Class D mono blocks and the over all sound quality is nothing short of sublime. This tandem just plain rocks. The Merrill's with the Primaluna Premium is a match that gets high marks in my audio world. Both are highly recommended...