Pre-amp for CJ Premier 12's?

Should I stick with CJ and get a Premier 14 or would a CAT SL MK111 be a better choice. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
I have the cj 12's and went from a cj prem 10 to a cat mk 3. The cj 10 is supposedly the same as the 14 or close to it but without the remote control. The cat mk 3 was easily better as both a line stage and as a phono stage. It is still in my system.
passive. just try it. cheaper and better. try a reference line preeminence.
The absolute best match for the CJ premier 12's is the CJ 16LS, I know it is expensive but it is a perfect compliment to the Premier 12's. Edwardb
I agree with Edwardb...the 16LS would do well with your 12's. The 14 quite simply would not do the 12's justice & the CAT SL MKIII would walk all over the 14. Another match made in heaven for the 12's is the Joule Electra LA-100 MKIII. It betters the CAT & is right up there with the 16LS.
Another set of thumbs up for the CJ preamps. I've found that with many manufacturers, and CJ in particular, there is a significant synergy in 'staying within the family'. I'm using the 17LS with Premiere 12's and love the sound. When I was out shopping around, I auditioned the 12's with a number of different preamps, but found that the CJ preamps (16, 17, and ART) produced a sweetness and depth that I didn't find in the others. Its worth taking a listen to them and see what you think. I agree with Sagger about the 14 -- the new line is a marked improvement over the 10/12/14 family and will much better complement the 12's. Cheers, Ken