Pre Amp for Adcom

What do you guy's think would be the best pre amp. to go with the Adcom GFA 5802 300 watt power amp. and Salk HT3 veracity speakers. I have a Adcom GFP 750 pre amp. but just wonder if I could find a better sounding pre amp. any opinions would be appreciated especially if you have tried the GFA with other pre amps.
The pre you have is decent.
(I use it too with a Forte 4a)
However, if you want a 'sweeter' pre, I would look for a tube hybred preamp.
My personal favorites are the Counterpoint (though prone to failure, and no longer in production) or the Audio Research models. Conrad Johnson too.
You could even just insert the extra pre into the bypass and use it on occasion! (My plan as soon as I get the new speakers paid for)
Passive pre amp is superior sounding. Forget the others.
Are you running balanced cables? I was thinking about selling my 750 and 5802 combo. Bought some MIT balanced cables and it is like a whole new system. If your not balanced you may want to try this first. Just a thought.
What about the sound of your current system would you like to change/improve? What cables are you using? What is your budget? Knowing some of these things will help members make better suggestions.
Which of the MIT xlr cables did you purchase..
Mit M550i. They are .5 meter length and were very inexpensive gotta admit I much prefer the sound over the RCAs.