Pre-amp for a NYAL Moscode 300?

Hi all: I am about to receive A NYAL Moscode 300 amp, which is good. I don't have ANY technical info whatsoever for this old guy, though, and can't find any data on the web. This is not good, since I can't pre-amp shop without knowing the impedances, etc. Anyone know this amp at all, or can suggest a suitable pre-amp? I think it's likely going to want a solid state pre, and I'd like an integrated mm phono stage (it's a secondary system, so I don't need real high end off the phono here) but it's not critical. I am also considering something like a used CJ PV10A or PV10AL with outboard phono pre as an option, but again, without the data I'm kinda stuck. Thanks for any help you can provide! chas
I had a Moscode 300 many years ago until one of the resistors burned out. The company went out of business at the same time. I was able to get the unit repaired by its designer, but I do not know if he is still doing such work. I used a Berning TF-10 preamp with it which worked fairly well. I would not want to use a solid state preamp with it, unless it was a very smooth and rich sounding solid state preamp. Despite NYAL's hype about its "tube-like" midrange, I subsequently found the NYAL to sound more like a solid state amp than an all tube amp.
Steve Sank in Albuquerque NM has bought the rights and Moscode name from widow of the guy that started Moscode. He repairs them, he modifies them (upgrades the caps, wiring, connectors, etc.), and he is very opinionated about what works with them. If you want to contact Steve, send me an email and I'll try to get his phone # for you.
Costrosk; I still have my Moscode 600. After all these years,it has never had /needed a repair. I did have the rcas and binding posts changed out."Great" sonic benifit, Don't know why it came with such "budget"ones;but think about it down the road.Also,try leaving it on for a couple of days in a row and "see" how much better it sounds the second day.(don't know why,but you could be surprised) I would also check out the tubes. I assume the 300 and 600 have similar tube compliments.The 6dj8's on the ends,have more effect than any of the other tubes. Maybe get some good low noise 6922's. Moscode was a pretty good price/ performance for the $$ 15 years ago.I first had a CJ pv6,then an AR sp9, then Encore 2010-2;each in the listed order a great step above the other. Enjoy.
Steve Sank is one of the best modifiers of Electronics and speakers. His store is in New Mexico. Here's his website. And here's a link about his mods to the Moscode hybrid Amps.
Go to the desgner he is alive and kicking in NY. George Kaye Audio Labs 1-212-779-3713.
Hi All: First, thanks for all the help. Turns out this unit has already had one visit with Mr. Kaye, details to be provided upon receipt. We shall see. Meanwhile, I did a bit of surf shopping, here's what's out there as potential mates: Bryston .4b @ $400 CJ Sonographe SC-22 @ $250 Acurus RL-11 @ $450 Sound Valves SV-100 @ 250, VTP-101i @150 Carver C-1 @ $175 (now with Holographic Sound - Oooooooh!) Haffler DH-110 (w/ var mods by var co's) - avg $125 Sumo Athena @ $125, Artemis @ $600 AR SP-9 @ $600 (a previous recommendation, e-mail pending!) Anthem Pre-1 OR 2, L or L less, $600 to $700 and lastly a Melos MA-111 @ $400 excluding , of course, my current fave - DH-110 @ $95!!!! If the prices seem low, its because this is to be a budget second system. I'll be driving a pair of Paradigm Monitor 9's, (being replaced in primary system) and the principal source will be a Thorens TD-180 turntable. Also, as this is my first foray into tubes, its a learning thing too, but mostly this is just for fun. The NYAL just fell into my hands, so... here I am. My thinking on the pre was that this particular amp is reputedly bass heavy, and the Paradigms are pretty forward and a mite bright, so I thought a ss pre would pass thru the treble for the tubes to tame, yet help to sharpen and define the bass. As noted, I don't know from tubes, so I'm more uncertain about the tube pre-amp options (though I know enough to know I can't go too far wrong with AR gear, and the Anthems seem well regarded by many). Anyway, pending contact with Messrs Kaye and Sand, I remain truly greatful for all your help and advice. Attack the list at will! chas
I forgot to mention that I had my unit modified twice. The first mod was to upgrade it to what NYAL called the Maxi version. This was done by a dealer-Landes Audio in Chester, NJ. The second mod was done by George Kaye and it involved changing the tubes and some other things he was working on. The first mod improved the sound. The second mod made the amp significantly more revealing and changed the tonal balance to the point where I had to upgrade my preamp from an old solid state Sony ES (similar sound to an unmodified Hafler) to the tubed Berning to compensate. George was using Spendor loudspeakers to voice the amp at that time and my loudspeakers did not have the same tonal balance as Spendors. Another dealer once recommended the Melos preamp as a synergistic combination with the Moscode but I am not sure if Melos is still in business. If you did not receive the owners manual with your amp you are missing part of the fun. It's the most unusual owner's manual I have ever seen. It gives some interesting advice on how to enjoy your system.
i'd recommend the melos ma-11 at $400. i have a music director, & i tink it's outstanding. also heard the sha-gold, & *it's* excellent. one of the enginers bought what's left of the company, & they're servicing/upgrading old product, as well as designing new stuff. melos audio restorations, in las vegas - brandt nordlund will be at the ces.

re: the ar sp-9 - i tried a mk-ll version a couple years ago, & i *wanted* to like it, cuz it was so nice looking, but it was unbelieveably dull & lethargic, even w/an adcom gfa555 amp driving thiel speakers - both supposedly bright. i'd stay away from this pre...


Hi All: Steve Sank just replied to my inquiry: he strongly recommends a PASSIVE pre. So; on to new waters, indeed. For those interested, new vital stats for Mr. Sank: Stephen Sank, Owner & RCA Ribbon Mic Restorer Champlain Valley Speaker Company 1624 Eubank Boulevard N.E. Albuquerque, New Mexico 87112 ] 505-332-0336 phone He really knows his stuff! chas
I have been using an AVA Super PAS 4i and it has worked very well. The Soundstage is wide and deep. My 300 has G. Kaye last mod and I am driving stack Sequerra's Met 7's with the matching sub woofer.