Pre-amp for $1500?

When it comes to cd players and amps I am fine.

I have not looked at a pre-amp for a number of years.
I have used a Mcintosh C-15 to drive my 100 watt MAC amp
for quite some time. I can use balanced in/out with my system. Mostly interested in XLR in. The C-15 still very
much holds its own, but does not have XLR in.

I have looked at some pre-owned Krell's here.
I would take any suggestion up to $1500 new or used.
I think I would like to stay solid state.
coda,i'm more thenhappy with mine,take a look if you dont mind at the one on sale here for i think 1250 or whatever it is,i really dont see how you could go wrong,it looks good and a within what you want to spend.If i remember some mods were done to it and it had codas approval,so it wasnt some garage job.
Yes, Coda has made some fine gear. I believe their key personnel formerly worked for Nelson Pass at Threshold.

I've been very happy with a Classe CP-60 I purchased here not too long ago, well within your price range. It has both balanced xlr and unbalanced interfaces. There is another one available here now, for a bit more. They sold new for a bit under $4K about 11 years ago.

Also, used Klyne preamps show up now and then, and are very high quality, but I don't recall if they offered balanced i/o.

A key consideration, of course, is whether or not you want an internal phono stage. It was an option on my CP-60, but most of the ones I've seen for sale (including the one I purchased) don't have one.
A Bryston BP25 is also an option. They usually sell for $800-$1200, and have years of warranty coverage remaining.