Pre-Amp decision from a Newbie - Need Help

I am looking for a solid state pre-amp less than $1000.00 that will fit in my newbie rigg, as I have just entered the serious world of fine audio reproduction. I have a Rega Planet 2000 as my source, along with a Rotel RB1080 amp driving a pair of B&W DM604S3's. I listen to progressive rock and metal, which demands the quick bass punch, long deep melotron notes, and warmer mids along with super crisp high's. Is there a pre-amp that can fit in this setup? Perhaps being able to add a tuner for the other half might come in the futureas well. HELP!!!

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If you can swing a few extra bucks, look into an AVA (Audio by Van Alstine) Transcendence 7 SLR tube hybrid preamp for $1200.00 new. It is anything but tubey-sounding. It has (2) 12AU7 tubes in it used as voltage gain devices only. With the stock tubes, it is quite analytical, has great detail, AND has great bass slam. You can always roll tubes to taylor the sound to what you want, i.e., make it more euphonic. Go to where there is an AVA circle. I own one, that's the best endorsement I can give.