PRE/AMP Combo or Integrated?

I would like some advice, I have about $1400 to spend on either a new pre and amp or should I get an integrated, I was thinking of the Krell 300i or a combo built around an Adcom 750 or ARC ls9 and a lesser amp (Acurus a200, etc) to hold me over until I can upgrade, in the long run this will cost more but will sound better but is it worth it, any opions appreciated
Skip the Krell integrated unless you listen exclusively to rock and popular music. It has a great bottom end, but not great mids and highs for classical. There's a lot of them for sale on Audiogon and other sites. For $1,400 I'd go with a used Classe integrated - preferably the CAP 151 or the CAP 150 (same guts, different faceplates). Both feature a pre-amp shutoff button, which allows you to connect a separate pre-amp if you decide to upgrade later. The Classe units are built like tanks, and are very musical, especially when compared to the competition in your price range. Good luck!
I've had an Audio Refinement Complete (built under license by/for YBA) in my office for the last several days while my amp gets fixed, it's a nice integrated, and it can be had for around $700 on the 'net. I own more "rarefied" gear so I'm kinda fussy, this is one nice piece of equipment, if 50 watts a side is enough for you...
Did you consider a tube intergrated? Some people prefer the sound. New would be the Jolida. Best used for a little more than $1500 would be a Jadis Orchestra. If you want solid state, there is Musical Fidelity and Audio Refiniement(new), or the Krell and Classe(used).
if you would consider tubes, and 45 wpc is enough, try cj's mv55 & pv10a combo (on this site, i've seen the amp trading for between $1000-1200 and the pre-amp for between $500-700). i prefered the sound of these separates to the sound of cj's integrated offering (combining both of these, the cav50). imho, this combo handles most/all music well.