Pre-amp causing loud hiss from speakers

I have a BAT VK3i with Quicksilver Horn mono-blocks and Klipsch LaScala's. This setup is dead quiet, however when I recently hooked up Rogue Audio M-180 mono-blocks there was a loud hiss coming from the speakers well past the listening spot. This noise was constant even with the volume down to zero and occurred with either balanced or rca connectors.

When I took the BAT out of the equation there was now only a faint hiss coming from speakers but one had to put your ear to it to hear it. After disconnecting all components from the BAT and putting it back in - the noise returns. I tried a Conrad Johnson Classic and there was no noise.

So does anyone have any ideas as to why the BAK and Rogue Audios amps do not play nice together?

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There is a benefit from getting all one's components from the same manufacturer....they play together well.
Well, I guess your run of the mill, 10 year old Transparent cables are probably internally balanced. Try new amps first and if they don't work out, you can always revisit the cable issue.
I suppose I could use the Conrad Johnson with the Rogue's as for whatever reason that combo producing no noise and leave the BAT's with the Quicksilvers and go back and forth as I wish....
Interestingly the output gain of the CJ is either 22 or 27 depending on where you look (different models?) and the BAT is 20. This suggests to me that the BAT output stage is just inherently noisier than the CJ or that the tubes you are using have not been screened for noise, i.e. 'low noise'. Maybe both.

BTW, FWIW, cabling, wires, cords, connectors., etc can have an effect on tone and clarity, but they do not create or reduce 'hiss'. If you really like the BAT's sound more than the CJ, and that's apparently the current issue, just focus on the gain issue, i.e. tubes and/or attenuator. But if the CJ is just as good to your ears when combined with the Rogue, just use it, and put the BAT in the closet until your change your mind. :-)
That's what I noticed as well, I thought the situation would get worse with the CJ not better. I did re-tube the BAT awhile back I will detail the tubes I put in tomorrow - perhaps there are better tube choices.