Pre Amp and DAC replacement

Opinion please
On my main rig, I have pc going to a PS audio dac III with fullen cullen mods, going to a very old Acoustic Research LS-8 pre-amp, going to Channel Island d200 class d amps.

pre-amp getting long in tooth. what say yee to some of the new DAC/pre-amp combos?

I was thinking either W4S MPRE (STEREO PRE-AMP WITH BUILT-IN DAC) (MPRE) - PRE-AMPLIFIERS (wyred4sound) or the Burson conductor

any thoughts appreciated.

really? no response to this?
I'd look at the Conductor, it seems like the perfect device for us (pc users) who want good sound quality.
Gain settings are very practical, and its a fantastic headphone amp.