pre amp advise

can somebody suggest what is a good preamp to match my halcro dm 38? my cd player is audio aero capitole signature edition. right now i'm using my audio aero cd with built in volume control. just wondering if it will sound better with a separate preamp. philip
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What flavor Tube or SS?

Good preamps take your system to the next level of soundstage with micro details and depth which create a better sound experience.

Jupiter Series: Callisto Eclipse
Shindo Masseto
Tube: Audio Research REF 3 or REF 5
That amp is rediculously good. Neutrality and resolution are exceptional from my experience. Pair it with a tubed pre and you will be in heaven. Though, not just any. A VTL 7.5 will pair excellently with it. Also, Nagra pairs well with it. Look at Leben. I think that would be the best out of the three, though ony of the three choices would be marvelous.
Tube preamp all the way. I have a Joule-Electra LA300ME preamp and I don't know how it can get any better.