pre amp advice

I have:
a)aronov monoblock, Harman kardon citation 7.1 power amp, MArantz MA 500 monoblocks,
b)klipschorn, forte, cornwall, kg4.2 speakers
c)sansui 9090db receivers
d)technics 1200 turn table with shure cartridge?
e)Otari 5050 BII reel to reel tape deck
f) oppo player
g)RME baby face DA/AD converter playing files from PC

I would like to ask you some questions about preamp:
1) Which model will best match with my system?
2) I want to buy and keep for long time because i just want to listen to music instead of switching gears. And my budget could be from 1000 to 6000.
Thank you very much for your time
Shindo Auriges
Looks like you need processor and preamp or you want to use processor for 2ch?
How do you want to utilize your amplification components anyways since you have sooo many?
Thanks for the reply.
My main goal with this post is to find the preamp for 2 channel music.
Shindo Aurieges or a used Shindo Monbrison.
Hi All,
Anybody here know anything about Space tech lab Preamps.
not familiar with the aronov amps but have found that tube pre mated with solid state amps can be a great match. I really like the Allnic L-3000 which you might find for the top end of your budget but would provide long term excellent sound. I recently purchased a used version and have an Edge sig 1.1 as well. I am loving the mix of quality tube and powerful solid state