Pranawire Deva vs. Kubala-Sosna Emotion

Has anyone directly compared these two interconnects or speaker cables? If so, what were the differences good and bad?
Calloway will hopefully see this thread. I think he's tried both.
I know I've seen posts from Calloway about the Cosmos line. Maybe he can shed some light on the Deva line in comparison to the Emotion.
i have comapred the ks emotion model to the prana cosmos, not the deva , and there was very little contest... the pranas are alot more open , creat a "live " feel to the sound ,and bring the listener about 4 rows closer to the stage... and that is for the s/c and the i/cs.
I recently compared the Pranawire Nataraja to the Kubala-Sosna Emotion and liked the Prana better on my system. It was smoother and more dynamic with more dimensionality
Does the prana wire present a more forward presentation than the K-S? Does either cable do a better job of conveying subtle details in the recording than the other?
...i can't respond exactly to the above question as i have not auditioned the 'deva' line of pranawire cables but the 'cosmos' vs 'emotion' comparison my system...was an easy decision as to which was better..the cosmos speaker cables are much better then the 'emotion'. i even recently auditioned the jps 'aluminata' speaker cable against the 'cosmos' thinking i would complete an all 'aluminata' system but the 'cosmos' was ..again..superior. it is the most musical cable..speaker..i have tried in my system...i would give alan kafton an email at and have him send you the 'cosmos' to audition...i doubt you will want any other after that...they are not forward and yes..they do a better job of detail retrieval and they present a very full and rich musical presentation.
Both are very good cables, and perhaps system dependents. I think that the top of the line KS emotion is a excellent cable , that you can use with practically any system, but the Pranawire is the best cable that I have used, NBS black label, Stealth dream, KS emotion, Magnan signature....but my only question is if this cable also works well with speakers that uses the ceramic drivers, if they are good with this drivers then they are very expensives but incredibles, and KS emotion are very near but a prices that you still can buy.