Prana Fidelity

Anyone have any experience with Prana Fidelity speakers?
If so, what is there sonic signature?  
Any issues with reliability?
I, also, would like to hear some input from PF Bhava owners. These speakers have gotten very positive responses at various Audio Shows, but no actual reviews from either owners or professional reviewers.
I’ve had mine for a few years now, and liked the speakers so much I built the rest of my 2-channel rig around them. They have a sound that you can listen to all day long, and not because it’s boring/polite. It’s actually lively while still being a touch euphonic.

For me, a great part about owning the speakers is being able to chat with Steven Norber anytime I have questions or thoughts on what components to match them with, or what to adjust or tweak to take more advantage of their potential in my particular room. His knowledge of audio is impressive and he’s very helpful and kind.