Prana Deva vs. Nordost Valhalla

Has anyone been able to directly compare these interconnects/cables? What were the sonic differences? Which was better in your system and why?
I own the Prana Deva interconnect with the upgraded, Bocchino XLR connectors and Prana Deva 2 Meter speaker cable and have been extremely happy with the very musical sound; the dynamics and the detail this cable allows through. It is very easy to listen to and very deceiving at first because it won't jump out at you. However, as you listen you are drawn into the sound stage and hear nuances you may not have heard before. I sold my over priced Transparent Reference XL speaker cables and a Reference XLR one meter interconnect because I preferred the very natural, musical presentation of the Deva. And I was a very satisfied Transparent owner for over 10 years and had never listened to a cable that came close to Transparent. The Prana is great. I can only imagine what the Cosmos would sound like. By the way, at the time of the change I had an all Krell system and VAC tube system and they sounded fantastic with both. Good luck with them.
I have the Prana Wire Cosmos in my system now and have used Valhalla in the past. Ordinarily I would not compare a $1250.00 (Prana Deva) cable to a $4000.00 (Valhalla) cable, but the Prana cable line are not ordinary cables. When I called Joe at Prana to auditioned the Cosmos line he did not have any of the Cosmos cables built to send out for audition, so he sent a pair of Nataraja series. While the Valhalla does everything well, the Prana Wire Nataraja just did it better, more naturally. The Cosmos took this to a even higher level. Each Prana Wire cable is built by hand from the ground up by Joe himself. The process takes time but the result is worth the wait

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I would just like to say that if you can to try the Valhalla in your system. If you need a dealer to get a in home audition I can put you in touch with one.

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i tried several of the promenent cable makers out there, and have used the siltechs g6 top- of -the-line for about 3 years ,before i switched most of my cables to the prana cosmos speaker cables and i/c, and smahdis power cords.( i also use stealth's indra between source and preamp, and 3 of the stealth dream digital power cords on my dcs).
while there are several great attributes to the valhalas , it wans't my cup of tea... too dry and uninvolving to my ears.
the pranas ,on the other hand, were full bodied ,very musical ,and allowed great amount of detais to emerge.

hope this helps.
I currently am using some cheaper silver cables and am wondering which of the two (Valhalla or Prana Deva) will give me the most benefit in this area without being harsh on the top end.
Well, I am going to try out some deva interconnects so we will see. I will post my findings.
It would depend on your tonal balance of your system at the moment. The good and bad thing about the valhalla is that it is essentially neutral. if your system is warmish it will tighten things up slightly but allow all that warmth to flow thru unimpeded. If your system has any edge or brightness the valhalla will show it for what it is.
First I tried the Valhalla power cords. I could not believe what I was hearing. I was so impressed with what I was hearing that I figured I should try the Valhalla interconnects and speaker cables.

At first I just installed the interconnect between the DAC and the pre-amp and lived with that for 3 weeks. Wow, things sounded a whole lot better.

Then I installed another interconnect between my pre-amp and my amps and also hooked up the speaker cable. This really took my already great sounding system over the top. It was a learning lesson in what neutral is. The system is more detailed and relaxed at the same time. Things just sound more realistic then ever, with vibrant texture of tones, bigger sound space with air, air, and more air. Highly recommended!

Hope you find what works for you.
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I was the first one in Holland with the Valhalla speakercable, when the Valhalla powercables came out, I also bought a few of these. But I can say one thing to you, to much Valhalla will give you focus problems. You will loose individual focus. I tried many times 100% Valhalla, but it is not working like I wanted it. Valhalla gives you more resolution. I tried many many powercables, but I never heard a powercable with so much resolution. 100% Valhalla gives you also less depth information. When you use Valhalla for a part in your system it will lift your whole system to a higher level. I also sold many Valhalla cables, and I know what it can do in your system. Listen to it and you will be impressed what it can do. I have the posibillity to listen to many many cables. But Valhalla can do things no other cables can do.