Practicality of footers to isolate turntables.

Hallo everyone. I've just acquired my most recent tt/arm upgrade, and it's a keeper for life. As with all things audio, it's now time to tweak.
I've been getting into the concept of footers to isolate and drain unwanted vibrations, and Equarack stuff fits my budget nicely (Wave Kinetics/Magico just too pricey). However I can't see how the concept works with a tt that has a separate motor pod, surely there are balance issues for a start that don't apply to large boxes like amps etc.
My tt has three spiked feet which obv. can accommodate a footer each, but the motor pod is separate, triangular in plan, 5"-6" each side with slightly assymetric weight distribution.
Any solutions to this conundrum?
If you are serious about 'isolation' there is only one way to go, but expensive at that. The solution? An electron microscope platform. The availability of such a device tells audio isolation is a sane practice, and necessary, you just need to find your 'cure' at a lower price. I have seen the electron platform at a medical research facility auction. I has impressed. It sold for $9700, as is. New it would cost about $30,000. But hey, if you spent $150,000 on your TT, whats another $30K. Enjoy the music.
Buconero, would that I spent $150k. Not quite sure where I mentioned this in my thread. Actually v. tempted to go down the Minus K route. At this point the tt is the only device I need to isolate maximally, and the BM 8 platform at $2750 may be the ticket.
Needfreestuff, thanks, will check out Edensound.
Elizabeth, not sure a shelf between footers and component doesn't negate the effect of them, but tt and separate motor sure makes it difficult to use them directly.
If you use a Minus K or Vibraplane I don't see the separate motor being a problem at all as long as there is plenty of surface area. With footers you sometimes wind up with platter too high unless you also raise the motor. I have used Stillpoints in the past to good effect, but either of those two products I mention will be far ahead of even Stillpoints.
I would recommend the Minus K or Vibraplane. I believe with teh Minus K, the object being placed on it needs to be centered for proper balancing and isolation. This is not an issue with Vibraplane.

The Vibraplane took my unsuspended table to a whole new level. I still have it under my new suspended table, but I plan to remove to see if the added isolation actually makes a difference with a turntable that already has great isolation.

You can find used Vibraplanes on Ebay.
Big Brass footers from EdenSound spiked into a very thick maple board will do it. Have Edensound make a platform for your motor and put it on the board too. Vibration will be minimalized.