powervar power conditioners

hi, all.
i have two quicksilver m-80 amps, a ps audio ps III phono preamp and linear control center at the heart of my system, along with a mcintosh mr71 tuner, a jolida jd 100 (modded) CDP and a rega planar 2 TT...with a pair of vandersteen 3 speakers.

i live in an old (1870's) building, in an apartment. considering the state of the hodge-podge electrical system we have here, i'm sure what ever is reaching my apartment is petty darn dirty and inconsistent.

i have been considering a power conditioner or regulator but it's hard to figure on what to buy...i have heard and read so many different opinions about what to use with what...and don't have a whole lot of money to spend...i really need to maximize my bang-for-the-bucks. i was looking at the powervar units that someone has been posting here on A-gon...but honestly, i have no idea which way to go...

anyone have any suggestions?
better for front end than amps --call the guy who sells them and get his imput--good luck --rich
I use my powervar for my pre-amp,transport and dac. I had also at one point used it with a receiver &/or amp but decided I liked the amp plugged directly into a cryo'd outlet a bit better.
I too have been studying and reading about power conditioners since I feel that could be my next upgrade. Yes the information out there can be confusing and conflicting. I'm looking at the Rotel RLC-1040 which sells for $500.00. That is THE most I will go for anything in this category. I already have PSAudio powerports and Wiremold hospital outlet extenders but the summer is coming and that is when I find it the most challenging to hear great sound. Part of this has to do with the days being longer but also many many air conditioners are cranking all evening both here at home and the neighborhood. I'm going to visit one of my high end audio stores shortly and discuss this with them.

Do you have PSAudio power ports in your walls supplying your audio equipment? If not, that has to be the first step before any other conditioners are installed. Why draw current through a cheap $2.00 electrical outlet from Home Depot?
I have had good success w/ powervar units, but they have thier limitations and should only be used if you have a real issue. They will clean up the power supply nicely but they also will limit performance, slightly at the upper extreme and in terms of overall power of your amps.
When I lived in an Apt style condo, I decided that I was better off with those negitives because they provided a clear and transparent soundfield with the cleaning aspect.

Use one for amps, and another for digital gear. Place them on an east-west axis (don't know why, but that eliminates an occasional tendency for them to hum. And make sure that thier amp output is suffient for the gear you will plug into it. The audio designed gear is better but of course much more expensive. For the money, they can be well worth it.
Is your electrical system "hodgepodge" enough to have laundry outlets you can access at 220volts? If so, you can have dedicated lines by getting a Powervar step-down power conditioner. I use two of these 100 lb. bad boys to power all my amps. Solved my long-term nightmare of power supply in an old house overnight, but I also had two laundry outlets, which was quite a blessing. Contrary to limiting power, the differecne between an amp on these versus one on wall tap, is that from 10 feet or so, you won't be able to tell that the one plugged into the wall is even on.
Had a Powervar a couple of years ago.It did nothing in my system,YMMV however,Bob
I just purchased a PSAudio "Duet" Power Center today and will let all of you know how I find it over the coming months. Have my Rotel A-V receiver and CD player connetected to it. There is about a 100 hour break in period. While it's not considered a full blown power reconditioner, for $300.00 it does clean and regulate the incoming A/C power plus protects against surges. It's designed to produce a more open spacious "you are there" audio sound. I can hear more detail already tonight playing some Najee, Lee Ritenour, and Norman Brown smooth jazz. Check out the video on the Duet and Quintet from PSAudio at their website.
hi, thanks for the response...

sounds like a couple of the ps audio powerport outlets might be in order right off the bat...and maybe the ps audio duet will be something to consider as well...

i have heard that there might be power limitations at the amps...maybe the amps i will run through the ps audio powerports, and the duet also. everything else could run through a powervar unit or some similar power "conditioner". a friend who is setting up a recording studio in his home was showing me his commercial sound catalog...several options there, some monster brand gear and a couple other manufacturers, all of whom had pieces in the 300-500 dollar range, on up.

remember i'm not running anything too high-tech, or complex...no video, or anything too modern... just a two channel stereo set up...since i only occupy a small portion of my building, on the second floor, i don't have access to any of the 220, which is limited here anyhow. probably rich's suggestion to call the powervar guy and talk to him for input is where i will start. i'll let you all know what he says and how i make out.