Powervar ABC302-11 and Integrated Amplifier??

Hey guys,

I'm awaiting my new Powervar ABC302-11 Isolation Transformer/Conditioner. It's rated at 3 Amp output. I am going to use it for my CD Player.

I am considering using it on my Integrated Amplifier as well, but have heard mixed results with Isolation Transformers used with amps. Since it's not just a massive power amp, it's just an Integrated (50W output). Would I be OK?

CD Player: 30W
Integrated Amplifier: 2.23 Amps

I know I'm cutting it close with the power, and Powervar says I'll be OK....but, I don't know. I would like the preamp section of the amp to take advantage of the Powervar, but don't want to limit dynamics of the amp section.

Any input would be great. Because I'd like to know if I need to get a second Powervar, and have them on their own, or just the CD Player on the Powervar, and the Integrated right into the wall.....hmmm..

Thanks guys for any input.
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Try it both ways and decide.I did and noticed no diff.With a Rega 40W integrated,good luck,Bob
Thanks Bob. Did you end up leaving it only powering the low level components? (CD Player, DAC, etc.) Thanks again!
I plugged the amp in also and it seemed to not sound as good as into the wall but it was very subtle.It didnt do much of anything and is now in the kitchen with the toaster plugged in it.The 6 outlets makes it handy in there.Once again you may find it to work in your system,good luck,Bob