powering up pre-amp

I read in another thread about not having amp powered up till the pre-amp is on, and powering off amp before pre-amp is powered down. I usually leave my amps on all the time and if I am running the pre into my bypass inputs on my Rotel, as long as I am not on that function could I power down the pre-amp and power it up without the worry of the SS amp being on? I know I will have top remember to have the Rotel either off or on a seperate input function, but as long as I follow these step, the amps being on should make no diffrence correct?
Pre amp is coming tomorrow so help today would be great...thanks as always
That should be fine. Note that these rules are only to prevent any turn on/off transients in the preamp from reaching your speakers. If the preamp has no such transients, then the procedure is only insurance.

You can also activate the mute switch on the pre-amp before powering down. That should prevent any transients from reaching the amp should you still be connected to it and its a good habit anyway.