Powering up/down sequence with a 12v dc trigger

We all know the proper way to power on your system is,


The reverse order is for powering down.

What happens when a 12volt dc trigger is used between the pre and the amp? The pre’s trigger out is connected to the amp’s trigger in.

Powering on would still adhere to the proper sequence

Powering off would not. Or would it?


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Are you using some kind of ac power conditioner or something with relays and delays? Your use of 12v trigger indicates this...
1.Amplifiers, on last and off first.
2.If you have an active crossover or something like a DSP between the preamp and power amps; on before preamp and power amp. Off, depends on answer to #2.
3.Preamp, on second (if you have #2), off second or at the same time as #2. 
By "source", what do you mean? DAC, CD player, turntable, tuner, streamer or what?
Are we talking, SS, tube, class D? Please provide MORE DETAILS before following my advice above!