powering the Dahlquist DQ-10'

I acquired my DQ-10's from a garage sale($100) with no stands, the overall appearance is above average.I took the grills off both speakers and found one of the fused wires that feed the tweeters cut from the fuse holder,also someone had removed one of the caps from the crossover. Both crossover's need to be upgraded.I would like to do this myself if I know what the proper caps should be.
the woofers and mid bass need to be reconditioned,which will be sent out.

I am planning to drive them with my vintage Onkyo 919 rated at 125 watts per channel,which are spec. to drive 4 ohm loads? Any help or input would be app.
To get what the DQ-10s are capable of you will need a separate amp and line stage or pre amp. Amps that I used on them are Audio Research D-350 and D110B. I have heard the DQ-10s with Threshold Stasis 2 and Mark Levinson ML-10 with very good results. With a good quality amp the DQ-10s will image and sound very good tonally. When I had them they imaged beyond the outside of the speakers. Amps that I can recommend are McCormack DNA-2, Threshold s-400 and Stassis 2. This is a speaker you could build your system on for years to come. Be patient and careful. Look at past threads on the DQ-10 there is good info for you.This is the speaker that got me into audio about 26 years ago. I will never forget this speaker. Keep us posted on your progress.
www.partsconnexion.com use to sell a DQ10 crossover upgrade kit complete with instructions and parts. If they no longer have it listed on their site, I bet they could make up a kit for you.
Not sure what the best amp for you would be but I can tell you that before you do anything,get in touch with the good people at Regnar Hi fidelity.(631 289-6559) They KNOW DQ-10s and are a full service operation. They rebuilt my woofers as good as new. (No affiliation with company)
Well..this depends on what you want to do. If you are going to use these as main listening system, and want to have the best sound, you can get some nice medium to high end components (recommend and agree, get separates). But, if you want to have fun, go vintage. I used these with Marantz 120M amp, 3300 pre and 120b tuner, all sounded great, amp matched speakers wonderfully, and the pre has a phono pre in it, tuner has scope. This will sound and look awesome.
All the above responses are good. First, figure out what you ultimately want from these speakers and proceed carefully. I purchased my first pair in the early '80's just after entering college, and at the time, I was using my Harmon-Kardon receiver. It made sound, but not music! No texture, no separation of instruments, no depth and no imaging. By the end of college I had installed the upgraded capacitor and mirror-imaging kit and was running Threshold 400A and Audio Research SP-8. In the right room setup, these speakers will throw images 5 feet beyond the outside edges of each speaker, and the depth will astound you. But you must pony-up for the electronics and front end. You can find a used Threshold 400A (an ideal amp for these speakers) and the preamp of your choice for reasonable costs. Sometimes I wonder why I sold them.

Good Luck
I just want to thank everyone for their responses. I am trying to find the correct schematic for my DQ-10 crossover's The Left#36831 & right#36830 mine are later models which are mirrored. I called a representive from Regnar and to refurbish the crossover's they wanted about $ 400 (I still have a budget).If I had the correct print I believe I could correctly replace the componants myself. also the coil(L4) is burnt,which I believe I could replace if I could find the proper coil. Again any info would be greatly app.