Powering Sonus Farber's Guaneri Homage speakers

I am in the process of relocating back to the us; with speakers; without amp.
I have looked into five possibilities:
A C-J MV-60
A Pathos Lagos
A Pathos TT
A Mac 2275
A Mac MA 6900

The last was eliminated after a listening comparison with their 275; with B&W's. The 'percision' of the 6900 left me cold compared to the 'warmth' of the 275.

I plan to audition the 2275 with my speakers; it is not likely I will get to test them against the others.

I had a nice 'sound stage area' set up in my Tokyo home; off a good size LR/DR area.
My home in NH has an end room that is about 10' deep by 22', that opens up to a larger room. My Japan setup was similar in size but there was far fewer pieces of furniture in the big room.
I do believe that it will work well with the right amp.

I'm interested in any experience with these possible pairings.
Thanks in advance.
I would suggest a Pass Aleph 5 Class A amp. It will do very well with your Sonus speakers!
I have Extremas and EA1. at home, I ffed them from a pair of rowland model 7 mono amps conservetivly rated at 350w@8ohm. either pair will take all the power I can feed them.
Usually i don`t like to suggest equipment but i would feel bad if i don`t bring to your attention the new Pathos Classic. In my system i took the place of Audio Research separates and it drove Sonus Faber Signums, Dynaudio Special 25, Magnepan 1.6, Totem Forest and now De Capos and in every case was the same: Trasparent, finesse and body(i sold my rel stratta when i put the Classic in my system) . I think Sam Tellig was right when he compared the Classic to 20,000 dollars amplifiers. Don`t be fooled by the low price and the nice look, it sounds like a SET with balls.
Interesting, I am now located in Japan (via various counties including the US) with my Guarneris!
I have used a number of set-ups with the Sonus Faber Guarneri including Audio Research SP9, LS22 pre-amps, with Audio Note Conquests and Mark Levinson ML3 power amps.
Since 1996, my LS22/ML3 combination was fabulous and I had no desire to change but with my move to Japan, I could not face the thought of yet another re-wiring of the ML3 which had already been modified by ML from 110V->220V when I moved back to Europe. The ML3 was subsequently sold...and the search for a replacement was long and not easy.
Whilst I did try a number of power amps, I ended up concentrating on the better integrated amps and I managed to listen in my home to the following: Jeff Rowland Concentra II, Mark Levinson 383, Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista, Gryphon Callisto 2200, Chord CPM 3300.
Actually, I was predisposed to buy the ML383 but they turned out to be the least satisfactory! Surprisingly, by far the best match for the Guaneri was the MF Tri-Vista which I ended up buying. I have have been using this for more than 1 year now and have been very happy with this pairing.
I am however interested to listen to my friends Accuphase E530 just ordered to go with his Sonus Faber Cremona's!
I used the SF guarniere with mccormack dna1 dlx - good, but was better with audio research vt100 mk2, but the best is gamut d200 mk3, I think there are a lot of good amplifiers, but you should hear gamut first, or read the reviews about it.
Lamm M1.1 monoblocks.......great match !
I am now running my Guarneri with a McIntosh MC2102 amp and a McIntosh C2200 preamp and the combination is super. Very sweet and detailed and fatigue free. Other amps I auditioned yielded better things immediately but with extended listening the Mac won out.
only one amp - the one used by SF in their reference room - the Berning ZH270. MyGuarnerui's SING with this amp!
well, there are others of course - I also had nice sound with VTL's and Atma-Sohere, and decent sound with ARC VT100 MKIII, and know other have had nice sound with Joule Electra, Manley and Cary. But, the Berning had a special way about it with this speaker, i bought it on awhim, and wont look back! nice to know there are two compnenents that I wont be looking to upgrade from (Berning and Guarneris).....