Powering Revel M20's.

I need an integrated amp for these speakers. Since I just bought them, I don't have a ton to spend on an amplifier. I was thinking either the Musical Fidelity A300 or the A3? I'd prefer the A3 because it's cheaper, but I know I'll need the power of the A300. Also, I thought about the Audio Refinement. I've had this one, but I'm having trouble finding another one right now. What about older Creek separates? Any good? Thanks for your suggestions.
Its hard to give advise when you don't name a budget. My suggestions would be depending on your musical taste the Proceed Amp5, Pass 5 channel, Conrad Johnson MF5600. There are others such as sunfire and rotel which are very good at a cheaper price.
I haven't listened to any of the electronics you're thinking of. I've heard much said, but again, no first hand experience. What I do know first hand, is the M20s. I would look for the highest quality 100 watts I could find. If you don't mind lower volume levels, they will perform ok with 50watts. I ran mine, for months, with a YBA Integre integrated, and was very happy, for awhile. A chronic condition in this audiogame. The amp is (YBA per say) a very good match with the Revels. Be prepared! These speakers are very revealing, and will highlight inadequacies in your system. But then again; isn't this always the case with the embyonic stages of, what becomes a total upgrade. I started with the M20s and went backwards, to finally end with my source. Happy hunting..warren
I'm using my M20's with a denon 3802 receiver (for now), sounds OK, but lacks bass control...
I ran mine with a PS Audio HCA2 (1100 used). Sounded great!
The A300 is a great integrated unit for the M20's which I used to own awhile back. If its in your budget you wont be dissappointed at all. They are a great match together.