Powering Revel Concerta F-12 with Creek 5350 SE

Greetings, Has anyone tried this combination, is it a good match? Thanks.
here is a review of them :

I have pretty good luck powering a set of M20s with a Creek Destiny if that is of any help. I think more of a factor might be how big of a room you have them in. The Creek 5350 is a great sounding amp. I think Dynaudios also seem to be a good sounding match for the Creek amps as well.
Haven't had a chance to hear the 5350SE. Does it have a lean leaning sound? the Dynaudio Focus 110 or 140 also an option. What will moving up to the Destiny do? Helping to put a system together for my Son and his Bride, and stay in budget. Thanks for the responces.
It might be apples to oranges, but my Revel F30's need some power to really sing. I'm using a Bryston 4B-ST which bench tested at 294 WPC. I understand that the the Revel M20 needs power to really come alive as well.
I don't think of the 5350SE or the Destiny as sounding lean at all, if anything they lean the other way. Nice full round sound. The Destiny is better. I put the 5350 and it side by side and no doubt the Destiny sounds better. But the 5350 is a great amp and you get the magic that any other cheaper integrated just doesn't quite get to. I can't say I've tried them all but my experience has shown that you can't get by with a cheap amp, you will get that boxy light sound no matter what the rest of the gear is. I think you are thinking like a smart man considering the Dynaudio Focus and Creek. I have the Dynaudio Audience 42 and I mean I almost prefer it to the Revel M20 in many ways. I really want to try a higher line Dyaudio with my Destiny. I think there is a good synergy between the two. The only hang up is Dyns probably want a little more power than the Creek amps offer but if you are in a smaller type room it shouldn't be to much of a problem. I like to crank it up fairly loud so if you don't do that either it might no be an issue.