Powering ProAc Response 2.5's

Hello all. I'm considering purchasing a used pair of ProAc 2.5's to replace some Vandersteen 2ce Sigs, and I need some advice on the amp/pre-amp combination. What I already have to work with is a Musical Fidelity A-3cr amp/pre combo, as well as a Rogue 66 preamp. What do you think - will the Musical Fidelity be adequate, or am I buying to much speaker for that setup? It seems like many people favor tubes for the ProAcs. Would I be better off using the Rogue for my preamp with the MF amp*? Also, if I were to go with an all tube setup and keep the Rogue, what would be a good, reasonably priced USED tube amp to drive the ProAcs (e.g. $1000-$1500)? Thanks for your opinions.

*PS - the Rogue is reported to be a phase inverter. Do I need to compensate for this?
A friend of mine, which I designed his system, has the proac 2.5s and is driving them with a Pass aleph 3 at 30 watts!! These are ez speakers to drive. The MF will have plenty of gas---I have the MF and they are driving very difficult speakers with no problem. In terms of the preamp, I would get the speakers, then swap in and out your Rogue and MF preamps. I am guessing both will sound great, but it will be personal preference. Both preamps are great pieces, but I might favor the tubes! I think the tube pre with the MF power would be an awesome combination!
Check out the $995 Odyssey Stratos amp reviews at odysseyaudio.com. I've not heard this amp, but from what all others say, it should blow away any other amp near this price range. I know several people who own the monoblock versions at $2000 and just love 'em.
I agree with "Platsolos" above, I have a pair of 2.5s and drive them with an Aleph 3, excellent sounding combination. I also use a BAT VK 200/3i setup also driving the 2.5s, this also sounds very good as well but is definitely more power than I need in my 12x15 room. I mostly use the Aleph 3. In any event I highly recommend the 2.5s.
I use a CJ Premier 11a with the ProAcs, which you can find used for around $1700 +/-.

I've used used the Pass Aleph 3 and agree that it works. But be careful matching that amp, with its low input impedence, with a tube pre.
By the way, I just found out that the 2.5's I planned to purchase on sale pending with another buyer. If anyone knows of a used pair for sale, please send me an email! Thanks.
I think you used to see ProAc demo'd a lot with Cary or Audio Research gear.
Are there any AR amps in the $1000-$1500 range (used) that would be good for the Proacs?
You can probably find a VT50 or VT60, and maybe a VT100. Also some solid state models.
In your price range, the Audio Reseach classic 60 would sound great with the 2.5's.
Hmmm, this is all good to know. I'm using Blue Circle separates to power my little ProAc Tablette 50 Sigs, and they're a wonderful match. I can't afford to buy even used 2.5s, so I was considering tackling the 2.5 DIY project and was wondering if what I had was enough to power the 2.5s. Now I'm really encouraged.
look into belles 150a or 350a
or berning zh-270

i've tried both. bought the berning (tubes).
have also had krell, arc and ayre to my 2.5s.

for me, now my 2.5s have never sounded so good!!