Powering My System

Hey Folks: I've read through some of the threads here but want to pose a more specific question about how best to power my system. We are moving. I currently have an Environmental Potentials EP-2050 on the panel with a dedicated 20amp line directly to a bank of four premium outlets behind my rack. Works great--zero noise and plenty of clean power from what I can tell. We will be renting so no opportunity to do the same set up where we are going. I'll be plugging into a single outlet behind where I want to locate my rack. My research shows tons of different options out there for "power regeneration", "power filters", "power conditioners" etc. with lots of variation in price. I am hoping to learn a little more about the different types of devices and obtain some suggestions about what would work best in my application. Here are some criteria:

1) DO NO HARM: I'm not looking to change the sound of my system in any way and I do not want to give up current performance levels--I'm very happy with my system. 

2) ENOUGH OUTLETS: I'll need to plug in the following: amp, preamp, phonostage, CD player, turntable, TV, VCR/DVD player so at least eight outlets.

3) LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER COMPONENT: I want to put this on the rack with the outlets facing the back wall for easy access. I want it to look like any other high quality component, not something that sits on the floor with lots of wires sticking out of it (like a power strip). 

4) $$$: Not sure about price/performance ratios here--I need to learn more about what these things actually do. I can see spending $2K if necessary to satisfy the criteria above but would be happy to spend less if possible. I am also happy to buy new from a dealer who can work with me on price and support the product with sensible advice, future upgrades, etc. 

Last thing and not sure if it matters--I am using an output transformerless amplifier design (LTA ZOTL Ultralinear). I don't think this design has high current demands. Also, the absence of an output transformer (among other things) makes this amp the QUIETEST amp I have ever heard. I am concerned about using any power conditioning devise that will ADD noise to my otherwise noiseless system. My thinking might be wrong here but some of these power conditioning devices look like they have huge output transformers to allow delivery of sufficient current when needed. 

Thanks everyone for chiming in--dealer contributions and PM's welcome.

The Audience Adept is excellent at lowering the noise floor.

Not sure about using a PC with a torroidal transformer on an OTL, but the Equi-Core 1800 is on sale. Many positive reviews...


An Equitech 2Q is a significant investment but will do what you need and it’s balanced power will be a benefit as long as electricity powers Audio-video :)  Balanced power,and specifically Equitech, is  used in virtually all professional recording venues, as well as universities, medical centres,research facilities and other facilities wanting/needing clean technical power :)