Powering Acoustic Zen Adagios

I am about to purchase AZ Adagios for my living room (normal size) and looking for something to power them up. I have a DAC with volume control, so it can be either power or integrated.
I want an amp that runs relatively cool (my previous one was a behemoth running 80W in class A and producing tons of heat) so pure class A and tube based output stage are out of the questions.

I am limited on budget so focusing on used equipment, and have narrowed down the list to the following contenders:
1. Teddy Pardo 100mb monoblocks (the only ones within my budget I've heard so far with these speakers)
2. Mcintosh MC202 (power)
2. Leema Acoustics Tucana (I)
3. McCormack HT3 (much cheaper than the other alternatives)
.4 Mcintosh MC 2125 integrated (questionable condition, but relatively on the cheap side of the price scale)
5. Krell Kav 250a 2 or Krell Kav 250a 3 (similar pricing)

I need your advice to narrow down the list to the top 2-3 candidates for listening audiotions.
Another option is to order the Job 225 power amp directly from the factory, costs would be pretty much the same as buying a used piece locally.
I had a 250a. As long as you don't have bright sounding components, it should sound OK.
I am leaning towards the Mc 202 based solely on appearence and nostalgia, but would rather hear your unbiased recommendations.
The AZ are fairly easy to drive (89db into 6ohms).
The JOB 225 are the only ones I cannot audition and would require a leap of faith.
The Adagios seem to work best with tubes. Robert Lee usually uses gear from Triode at shows. I've known listeners who use Rogue with much satisfaction, too.

I have an LSA Statement integrated with my Adagios that sounds gorgeous but might be out of your price range used.

People who have the Job usually love it, so that may be a consideration.
I drove my Adagio's with Shindo Montrachet (20w).
The speakers could use more power.
Loved the speakers none-the-less.
I've been offered a Shanling SP80 pair. They deliver 50w, should this be sufficient?
Heard some of the above, but now got offered a Dynavector set:
L200 mk1 preamp
HX75 mk2 power

These are quite scarce and even as used are above my budget (pre-negotiation) - has anyone heard them and can shed some light on this alternative?